#Blog4Trek: What Would You Pack For A Weekend Away?

A weekend away is the perfect opportunity to escape the daily 9 to 5 grind and unleash your sense of adventure! 

When packing, it’s best to start off organised, so transfer your floorobe to your wardrobe to start with a blank canvas.  For a weekend away, your bag should be compact, so make sure you aren’t taking a huge suitcase or a 90 litre backpack, otherwise the temptation to sling everything in will be too great!

It’s always best to start with the basics; passport, money, a map and knickers should definitely be top of the list.  Top tip: Planning to explore? Then make sure to do some research and pinpoint places you want to go on a map!

Next comes the fun part!  Planning outfits is the key to not over packing, so check your itinerary to see what’s suitable for your fun weekend ahead.  City break?  Yes, those high heels look great, but your feet won’t be thanking you after you’ve trekked all the way up to the Sacre Ceour in them!  Sensible but stylish trainers or sandals are the way to go!  Weekend by the pool?  Bikinis, sundresses, a good book and SPF are all you’ll be needing!

Even if you forget almost everything you actually need for your weekend away, make sure the one thing you do pack is a camera!  There is nothing worse then coming home to realise you haven’t got one photo which documents your experience and all those great sunsets.

But stop with the technology right there, don’t you dare pack your laptop and if you can, leave that phone at home!  Spend as much time outside and away from the screen, embracing your time away.  You don’t get to do this every week!

Imagine missing out on these views because you’re on Facebook?!

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