Quilliam Brothers, Newcastle

Today was one of those days where you plan to organise your life, but your resolve is quickly broken by food and friends.

This morning was spent in the library trying to make sense of my next assignment while the afternoon was reserved for a lunch and light hearted chatter with Emily and Zoe, two of my course mates.  Zoe, Emily and I had organised to meet for a quick lunch at Quilliam Brothers, a quaint little tea shop which sits on the corner of Newcastle University’s main campus.  The perfect meeting place for studious students, Quilliam’s serves Newcastle’s widest ranging variety of teas as well as classic northern stotties, soups and a delightful array of cakes and brownies.

I opted for an Indian chicken stottie and a pink lemonade from Fentimans while Emily and Zoe both picked the soup of the day, butternut squash.

photo 3-6

Stottie perfection

photo 2-8

Just when things looked like they were wrapping up, we quickly spotted the opportunity for further procrastination and grabbed the nearest board game near us.  Vowing to play just one quick game of Snakes and Ladders, we soon broke our promises and found ourselves still sat in our seats three hours later after moving onto Scrabble with the remenants of a caramel brownie, carrot cake and some chocolate fudge cake sat next to us.





Masters life.



I’d actually never played a full game of Scrabble before, so I was technically still learning today.



I’ll definitely be spending some more afternoons in Quilliams, wasting my precious hours tasting all the cakes on offer and broadening my board game repertoire (next is Cluedo)!

Work is gearing down in preparation for the Easter holidays, however with 7 deadlines in May, I’m getting a head start on all the work that will inevitably catch up with me.  This week is going to be a bit hectic with meetings, lectures, packing and a few other exciting things all happening within the space of 5 short days but I’ll be heading home on Friday for a few short days of R&R at home, before heading to London for a week of work experience with the ladies at LOOK magazine again.  I’m excited to head home as it’s my birthday (on the 30th, hint hint) and I’ll also be waving my brother off as he starts his new life in New York and of course, I’ll be spending some time with this little delight:


Love of my life.

Have you got any exciting plans for Easter?


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