Family Food: Da Nello’s, Guernsey

On Friday the Ayre family had cause for celebration.

With Mothers Day, my birthday and most importantly, Rob’s moving day all today, we thought we’d get a head start on the weekend’s festivities and head out for some good food.

The obvious choice for a celebration in Guernsey is to head to Da Nello’s.  An italian restaurant which has become an institution on the island because of it’s unchanging menu, good food and relaxed atmosphere.



After taking some family photos and sipping on some obligatory champagne, it was time to chow down.  My order?  Carpaccio of beef for starters and lobster linguini for my main.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t order this at Nello’s and I’m not about to change it.  The carpaccio is still the best I’ve ever eaten, with a bed of rocket underneath, lashings of parmesan shavings and some capers piled on top for good measure, while the lobster linguini is served in a rich and creamy sauce and with a fantastically meaty lobster to pasta ratio.

P1000635 P1000636

My mum went for the scallops, which I was a little bit jealous about.  Don’t worry, these lonely mollusks were soon joined by plenty of sides.  P1000639

While the food was top notch, the conversation quickly spiralled into tales of debauchery, with my brother, Tom recounting a hilarious story which would make any self-respecting woman blush.


While I finished the meal with a classic but unrefined trio of ice creams, my mum went for the meringue which was smothered in a deliciously smooth chocolate sauce.  I was turning green with food envy.

The food is always good at Nello’s so no surprises there, but the meal was also a fitting goodbye to my eldest sibling, Rob who flew off to New York today to start his new life in the Big Apple.  I’ll miss having him around at home when I come back for holidays but, I am meagerly anticipating visiting my Trans-Atlantic brother in May when my mum and I head over the pond for a sneaky trip away.  In typical Josie-style I’ve already got an itinerary set for the trip and we’ve got tickets to see James Franco and Chris O’Dowd in Steinbeck’s Of Mice & Men.  I am very proud of Rob for making the move, however, I will always be bitter that he hijacked my birthday to do so!  You’ve got some making up to do!

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