Revisit: The Hook, Guernsey

A while ago, my family and I went to The Hook, one of Guernsey’s newest restaurants which fast became one of my favourites.  Not just because it served up melt in the mouth steaks and fresh seafood, but because of its sushi menu.  It seems ridiculous but The Hook is one of the few places on an island –  which is surrounded by sea and all things fishy – that serves up a comprehensive sushi menu.  My little isle was woefully in the past when it came to the Japanese delicacy, with most people having to brave an early morning scuffle in the deli aisle of M&S to get a taste – albeit, a not very good or authentic one.  Alas, The Hook has saved the day.  Not only has it provided sit down meals full of the fishy stuff, it also does take away lunch boxes; cue town workers across the island accidentally leaving their lunches at home as an excuse to pick up some midday sushi.


Kenzo dress // 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli bag // Topshop boots (old)


This Wednesday my family and I made the hop, jump and skip to the town front for a spot of sushi and steak.  While the sushi restaurant is mainly housed downstairs, you can order from both the A La Carte and sushi menu upstairs, so you have the best of both worlds. 

I wore my Kenzo fit and flare dress with my Pashli as well as my Topshop boots which I think I’ve worn in every OOTD so far?!  While the Kenzo dress was an eBay bargain (shhh) I understand why people buy them at full price, it fits like a dream and is oh so comfy even after a three course meal.  I think I’ll be repeating this outfit when I head to the LOOK offices for work experience in a couple of weeks time.  This will be my third trip to the IPC offices in London for work experience at LOOK and I’m really looking forward to it, everyone there is lovely and they all make a real effort to give interns ‘proper’ jobs, just check out my post about my last time there here if you need further proof.  Possibly the best work experience ever. 

Anyway, back to the FOOD! 




I started off with a small Okimari platter of sushi with maki rolls and nigiri pieces.  While my dad went for the seafood ceviche, which was presently differently to one which I had at our last visit.



Small but mighty

While I had intended to keep it all raw, I ended up salivating at the thought of surf and turf, something which is becoming a bit of a (bad) habit for me at the moment.  Last time I wrote about The Hook, I actually pointed out that they were missing out of a trick by not having a surf and turf option on their menu so I was happy to see this had changed!  Meat and seafood, the way to every carnivores heart! 

My steak came with Bone Marrow Jus and my Lobster was smothered in a deliciously buttery garlic sauce which complimented the meaty lobster.   My steak was cooked to perfection and melted at the touch of the knife (I’m sat drooling at the thought after having a typically underwhelming student dinner).  


Claws out


Dessert for me was just white chocolate ice cream, which I ended up sharing with my dad – who doesn’t eat chocolate apparently.  


While I didn’t eat too much of the sushi on offer this time, I can promise it’s all good with their Seabass and Truffle Soy Rolls being a personal favourite of mine.

The Hook is always adding to their repertoire of dishes and hopefully in the future they’ll add even more sushi dishes so I can spend my trips home making my way through the menu and burning a hole in my pocket.

Its back to student cooking now though…

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