Bleecker Street Burger, London

On Sunday morning my friends and I woke up to a grey sky hanging over the London skyline.  Not allowing our rain drenched coats to dampen our spirits, we made our way towards the Southbank centre for the Easter Weekend food festival.



When visiting a food festival, there are a few rules to remember, first of all it’s important to not get overexcited.  Make at least one loop round all the stalls before deciding what you’re going to eat.  You’ll be sorely disappointed if you plump for the first stall selling a pulled pork burger when there are 10 others around the corner selling delicious melt-in-the-mouth salt beef sandwiches.  Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach either.  While we’d all love to be able to fit in one of everything, you’ll eventually get full, so be realistic!  If you’re anything like me, you will have researched which stalls were going to be attending and semi-decided before you’ve even got there – sad, I know.


So after leisurely making the rounds around the Southbank, I had my heart set on a burger from the Bleecker Street Van which is currently enjoying a residency on the riverbank opposite the skatepark.  I opted for a single cheeseburger (medium rare) with some angry fries.

The burger was absolutely delicious, with the cheese melted to perfection and the burger sauce tangy, while the bun could have been left to toast for a little bit longer I really could not fault this burger any further than that.  In fact, I wish I had gone for the double (I was trying to exercise some self-restraint)!  The angry fries were a revelation in themselves.  Cheesy, spicy, AND crispy; what more could you possibly want?!  I’m definitely going to be trying to recreate these at home with some Franks Hot Sauce!  My meal costs £9 which I thought was good value for the quality of the meat and tastiness of the food in general, so I would definitely head back (in fact, I did today when I visited the Hayward gallery – oops!) 





We all had a great time at the food fest and waddled our way over to the TATE Modern where we spent more time laughing and being giddy then we did appreciating any of the art (IS THAT KANYE WEST?!)!  

One day we’ll grow up…maybe…probably not though…

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