Ladies Who Lunch: Flat Iron, London

Shopping is hungry work.  

I’m of the school of people that believe that shopping is one of the best forms of cardio.  If you’re a keen shopper, you’ll know that sometimes you come home mentally and physically exhausted.  Especially if you’ve been jean shopping – trying on a load of jeans that don’t fit can leave any stone faced shopper with tears in their eyes.

Running around shop floors, throwing your clothes on and off in changing rooms and lugging around heavy bags full of your new wares is hard work and hard work always needs rewarding.  What better way to reward yourself then with food?  Food, glorious food! 

After a mammoth shopping spree on Oxford Street – I know my dad reads this, so dad I didn’t buy too much, I promise – Jess, Jess and I headed towards Carnaby Street in search of burgers.  No, that isn’t a typo, Jess and Jess are two of my friends from Guernsey who not only share the same name but also share their birthdays which is very convenient if you’re like me and often forget peoples birthdays!  After trying our luck at The Diner and being told there was a 45 minute wait, we searched on and ended up outside Flat Iron – after a detour through American Apparel, Benefit, Monki and just about every other shop on Carnaby…

I’d heard of Flat Iron before but rather naively thought it was burgers so we stepped inside thinking we’d be tasting brioche in no time, but of course, Flat Iron is steak.  Silly, silly me.


Flat Iron doesn’t take reservations but luckily when we arrived there was no wait and we were sat down on one of the shared tables in the small restaurant.

The menu is compact with one flat iron steak on offer served with a salad with a mustard dressing.  While there was a wagyu beef special on offer on the day, we opted for the menu steak as we’d spent out weekend splashing the cash in a rather high up restaurant (blog to follow soon…).  We also ordered some dripping cooked chips and the roast aubergine side to go along with our meat.





One day I will have personalised knives…


A perfectly medium rare flat iron


Not the best picture, I apologise!


Jess and Jess

The steak was absolutely beautiful and cooked to perfection.  Jess (the one on the left) ordered hers to come medium and there was a clear difference between that and my medium rare.  While I loved the steak, the revelation of the meal was definitely the aubergine bake.  It was so so tasty and I’d 100% recommend getting it to go with your meal if you’re heading to Flat Iron.  Jess (the one on the right) and I loved it so much that she whipped up her own version in the week as some after work sustenance and I’ve just made my own tonight using this recipe.  It is such a simple dish but just delicious and so cheap to make as well!  We headed out, revived and ready to face the wrath of our fellow Bank Holiday shoppers fuelled by meat! 

If you’re around the area and are looking for some good food to eat then I’d recommend Flat Iron.  The service was fast and the food on point and although I wouldn’t usually say that steak is a good shopping break meal, it worked on this occasion!

Where is your go-to restaurant when shopping on Oxford Street?

Flat Iron

17 Beak St



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