B.o.B’s Lobster, Borough Market

I love Borough market.

I can still remember the first time my dad took my brothers and I along to the market and we all bought huge oysters off one of the stalls (which is still there) to eat while wandering around taking in the smells and sounds of one of the cities most popular markets.  Since that first fishy experience, I’ve visited almost every time I’ve been back in London alone or with friends in tow.  I know there are countless other markets around the city,  but Borough’s location (stones throw away from the Tate, short walk away from the Southbank and easily accessible by the Northern Line) make it an easy choice for any central London food mission.  It also happens to be only a short walk away from the IPC Media offices in Southwark, making it the perfect location for a post-work dinner on the move.

Last week the Summer Evening Dining event started again, with the market opening from 7pm – 11pm from Wednesday through to Sunday until the end of September with various street food vans setting up camp for a summer long residency ready to feed the needs of London’s ravenous workers.  Now, you’re going to have to use your imagination here as I neglected to take any photos (sorrynotsorry).  Borough market is a plethora of stalls offering tasters of blue cheeses, selling salt beef sandwiches and tempting you with sumptuous brownies.  The smells of the surrounding area tease audible ‘mmm’s from those around, while stall owners charm drooling customers into parting with their well earned money in return for dishes from the world over.  On the edges of the market, business men with loosened ties drink in the summer sun while you busy yourself with making the hardest decision that day, weighing the pros and cons of each dish before plumping for both.  Are we all there yet?  

On this particular evening, I was able to bypass the decision making and fly straight over to B.o.B’s Lobster van on the edge of the market to pick up a lobster roll.  I’d heard of B.o.B’s Lobster through the grapevine and had read about their recent popup at St.Pauls and their various residency’s at the Street Feast events, so was fully prepared for the foodgasm that was ahead.  Now, if anyone mentions the word ‘lobster’, I’m automatically in, so it was a no brainer for me to head along to Borough where they were ready to satisfy hungry punters.

There repertoire is small but ever so perfectly formed with Ahu Tuna Tacos, Lobster Mac and Cheese and some Bisque all making the bill, but although I was tempted by the tuna tacos, I had to go for a classic lobster roll.

Just look at it in all it’s glory…


They see me rollin’, they hatin’

This was my first experience with a lobster roll so I can’t claim to be an expert but the brioche was sweet and so soft, it melted into the buttery lobster which was glorious.  The roll was sprinkled with a light dusting of chilli, with some fennel on top for good measure and served with a hugeee pickle.  Although the roll itself was £13 which is a little bit dear for street food there was enough lobster to just about warrant the price.

If you’re not a fan of lobster or anything else from under the sea, then there are loads of other stalls at Borough Market’s Summer Evening Dining nights so make your way over anyway to pick up some sweet and savoury treats before heading to a pub to drown your 9-5 sorrows!  If you’re not planning to head to the market anytime soon then you can experience the same kind of sea food lovin’ over the other side of the river at the Rising Sun pub where B.o.B’s is currently serving up food upstairs!

B.o.B’s Lobster 

Rising Sun

61 Carter Lane



Lobster in a bath 

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  1. Oh, haven’t been there for ages. But this post reminds me why I should go!

    • jkayre said:

      Yes! A repeat visit is definitely in order!

      Thanks for reading! x

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