Tourist Talk: Smorgasburg, Brooklyn

After our night at The Standard, we spent the next morning brunching at Brinkleys, before my mum wandered off to help furnish my brothers flat and my dad and I meandered through the streets of New York making pit stops at Barneys, St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Flat Iron.

In the evening we went to the theatre to see Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men hit the stage with James Franco as George and Chris O’Dowd as Lennie.  While Franco seemed to be the main draw for most of the audience (one person paid $1000 to meet him at the end?!) I was definitely rooting for Chris O’Dowd.  The whole play is amazing, but O’Dowd’s performance as Lennie is even more so.  It’s a definite go-see if you find yourself in the city!


Is it wrong that this was my first ever Bloody Mary?!  So tasty, I’ll definitely be ordering a few more of these in the future.  

After our night at the theatre, the next morning we all met up with one thing on our minds; food.  

I mean, what else would it be?!

As it was the weekend, we thought we’d stray off the beaten track and head on over to Brooklyn for Smorgasburg, a food fest similar to London’s Borough Market.  After accidentally heading to Williamsburg, we took the East River Ferry over to Brooklyn Bridge Park 5.  The ferry and the walk to the Bridge Park both offer amazing views of lower Manhattan and on a hot, sunny day it was definitely worthwhile!

P1010560 P1010571 P1010573 P1010575

All along Bridge Park, piers have been recommissioned to become outside gyms where Brooklyn residents can come together to play ball, soccer or take a dip in the temporary pool instalment.  Its a pretty genius way to use a space which may have otherwise laid to waste.

Past all the people stretching their muscles, is a load more people stretching their stomachs at Smorgasburg.  After making a couple of strategic rounds to check out all that was on offer, we decided to start off with some oysters, my favourite.  

P1010598P1010585 We chose to try a half dozen Moonstone oysters and another half a dozen Fin de la Baie oysters from the Brooklyn Oyster Party stand.  Fresh, meaty and served up with all sorts of condiments; these babies slid down like a dream.  



Our next stop?  The Red Hook Lobster Pound stand for a lobster roll of course!  We went for Connecticut style for warm and buttery lobster with a hint of lemon sat on a bed of tasty brioche.  Simple with a big impact.  I’d become a regular if I lived nearby.


Alas, after just two seafood style snacks, we were all full, so we waddled our way over to Brooklyn Bridge to walk across the iconic landmark.

If you’re heading to New York, I’d definitely make a trip to Brooklyn even if you don’t make it to Smorgasburg.  It’s such a cool area, with street art and coffee shops galore to explore.

I’m pretty sure this will be the last of my New York blogs as we left the next day (sob!) but if I have time inbetween dissertation writing, I might do a quick street art post as I saw so much while in the Big Apple!  I loved New York and I’m praying that it won’t be too long before I visit again to see my brother (read: shop, explore and eat some more).  I hope you’ve enjoyed my suggestions, blog posts and general musings on my trip, let me know if you have any alternatives!

Thanks for coming along!


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