#WIWT: Guernsey

Summer is finally here!  

I feel like Summer in the UK is one of those friends that always presses confirm on a party invite on Facebook but rarely – if ever – turns up, but those few times that they show their tanned and freckled face, you can guarantee that they’ll be the life and soul.  

While the weather was hotting up I decided to make an extended trip back home to soak up some rays, catch up with friends and check in with the parentals.  Although I spent most of my time researching and writing for my dissertation I also managed to discover the best scones on the island while I was home (more on that exciting development later…).

On my last night on Guern, my dad had disappeared off to London for work so my mum and I headed out for a Thai at Sawatdi in town.  While I rarely, if ever go clothes shopping in Guernsey, the outfit I wore out to dinner was all bought (or stolen) while I was home this time around!  A St. Peter Port triumph!


Denim jacket – Vintage Levi via Dad / Top – Miss Selfridge / Shoes – Arizona Birkenstocks / Trousers – Six Ames from Collection 21 / Sunglasses – Ray Ban

I live in my pyjamas.  I can quite happily spend a day- or days – wandering about the house in them so these trousers are a good compromise between comfort and style with a luxe silky finish.  I’ve already mentally packed them for when I head off to sun myself in Florida in a couple of weeks time for breezy evening meals by the sea.

I have been searching high and low for the perfect denim jacket for months!  I have ordered and returned so many different styles, washes and brands, even ordering an Acne tram thinking I’d finally found the one, to only be left feeling sorely disappointed when I discovered that my usual size was absolutely huge – never happens to me –and it had to be sent back!

After deciding to give up on the seemingly impossible task, my mum happened to mention that my dad had an old Levi’s jacket hanging in his wardrobe from his younger days and while I was skeptical at first, it turned out to be the perfect fit.  As a testament to the quality of Levi denim, at 43 years old, this jacket is still going strong and has retained its colour, impressive.  This one is being smuggled back to Newcastle in my suitcase.  Thanks dad!  

While I’d resisted the pull of some Arizona Birkenstocks for longer than usual, I proved to be a slave to a trend once more and picked these up on my last day.  They’re pretty practical as shoes go so they got the parental tick of approval.  For a while I’ve written off Guernsey as a no go when it comes to the shopping because of the lack of choice and some of the buyers seem to just go a bit crazy with the stock but I’m definitely going to be keeping my eyes peeled on trips to town from now on after this bumper buy!

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    • jkayre said:

      Thanks lovely! Hope you’re enjoying the good weather xxx

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