Tourist Talk: New York Street Art

So by now, we all know I went to New York last month – god when will I stop talking about it – and while wandering around the city, I noticed an abundance of street art.  I’d never really been intrigued to go round and find street art in other cities before, but I just got a little bit obsessed with tracking down the art which I’d seen on my Instagram feed.

Heres just a little photo diary of what I found and where abouts (if I can remember…):

P1010215 P1010220 P1010234 P1010254 The above works of art can be seen from the High Line (they’ve already featured on my post on the High Line which you can seeeee here!)  Next up, I spotted these two master pieces after chowing down at Katz Deli while I can’t find the origins of the first one, the second one which is rather Banksy-esque is actually by Bristolian street artist, Nick Walker.  Its a bit crap that its been painted over by others, but if you want to see the piece in all its glory, check here.

P1010316 P1010318

Close by – relatively so anyway -on Houston Street is a wall which has come to embody the street art movement.  First a site for illegal graffiti artists to flex their artistic muscles, the space is now curated by Jeffrey Deitch.  The wall draws style bloggers, photographers and models like moths to a flame and we saw 3 separate shoots happening all within feet of each other, using the mural as a backdrop.  The artist featured while I was in the Big Apple was COPE2 who is known for his bubble tags – a homage to the old graffiti which you inevitably pass on just about every train in England.

P1010634 P1010635

If you’re really looking to have a gander at some al fresco art, then Brooklyn is the place you want to be.  The area just attracts the creative types so every wall has been recommissioned for art with a message, art with no message and art with a undiscernable message which just looks quite nice.  

P1010546 P1010547 P1010549 P1010550 P1010551

If you’ve been perusing Instagram as much as me, then you’ll know that Bradley Theodore is the BNOC right now in New York street art terms.  Brad’s – I’d like to think we’re on first name terms – best known piece is perhaps the massive portrait of a loved up Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour, which I could not for the life of me find, I was a tiny bit gutted.  BUT, we did stumble upon these beauties:


Controversial photographer and possible sex pest, Terry Richardson has been re-imagined as a piece of one dimensional art – perhaps a less harmless version of the real life man.


Celebrated editor and journalist, Diane Vreeland


The amazing Grace Coddington – owner of fashions most incredible barnet, lover of cats, an enigma and a creative.  Probably my favourite person.  If you’ve never heard of her then read her beautiful book and watch The September Issue where she spectacularly outshines Wintour.

 Let me know if you have any favourites!

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