Paris: Burgers and Beyonce

So I have finally finished my Masters!  Hoorahhh!  After handing in my dissertation, packing, unpacking and packing once again, I headed to the Big Smoke to move into my new flat!  If all that wasn’t exciting enough, I also had a weekend away in Paris planned with Rachel and Emily. While we managed to hit all the tourist spots our main reason for the flying visit was to bear witness to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s last On The Run concert in Paris.  Mere words cannot explain how simply amazing it was.  They managed to fly through over 40 of their collaborative and solo hits all of which had the audience in varying states of awe, worshipping at the altar of the Carters.


Midnight strolls around the Louvre

After spending a night unleashing my inner Sasha Fierce, there was only one thing on our minds the next day.  Burgers.  If you’re a regular to my blog, you may know that at one point myself, Emily and Rachel were on a 007-esque mission to scope out London’s best burger and while that challenge was sadly put on hiatus while I finished my dissertation, post-diss we decided to take the search international. After aimlessly wandering around Paree for a few hours, trying to find somewhere that a) was open on a Sunday and b) served burgers, we found some free WiFi and decided to head to Razowski’s which made big claims about their burger fare.  While Razowski’s doesn’t just serve burgers, I honestly couldn’t tell you what else they had on their menu.  It was like my eyes zoomed right in on the burger section and discarded all other information that was deemed unnecessary, so naturally I ordered the bacon cheeseburger.

Now, not all burgers are created equal.  Some are destined to make great, great Instagram photos, like this beast of a burger below…


Are you salivating yet?

One bite revealed a medium rare pattie which was so gloriously juicy it oozed, mixing with the molten cheese.  God, it was fantastic.  I’d go back to Paris right now just to have that burger if I could…but alas, I’m sat in my bed in London willing myself to get up and get ready for a night out.

Can I swap Barcardi and cokes for burgers please?

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  1. You’re making me hungry! I swear the majority of your blog posts do haha xx

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