My name is Josie and I like to write.

I’m a 23 year old who grew up on the small island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands.  Although lacking a Topshop, Guernsey makes up for this slight indiscretion with beaches galore and some seriously good milk.  After taking a rite of passage Gap Yahhh, I headed to the University of Reading for an undergraduate degree in English Literature and History in 2010 and graduated in the summer of 2013.  In late 2013 I started an MA in Media and Journalism at Newcastle University and became an honourary Geordie! Howay man!

I started writing a blog to keep a friend who was doing a year abroad up to date with the general goings on in Reading but my passion for fashion (cringe intended) soon took over and I began to concentrate on LFW, magazine shoots, new trends and the occasional inarticulate musing.

While trying to work out where my interest in fashion stems from, I can only conclude that my love of drawing and the arts and crafts as a young child perhaps prompted a love for all that is sartorial.  Having been taught by nuns when I was tiny, I was already well rehearsed with a needle and thread by the age of 10 and have many relics which still hang around the house proving that I could colour within the lines at an early age.

Throughout junior school I spent hours drawing at home instead of attending Brownies (I still scold my parents for never taking me) and even made several items from Art Attack, PVA glue and all!  My muse in junior school was most definitely Scooby Doo, who I would regularly draw while watching re-runs.  Perhaps the proudest moment of my life – yes genuinely – is having a particularly fetching drawing of Scooby himself shown on Blue Peter and receiving one of their coveted badges in the post.  A fact I have considered slipping onto my CV.  During this period, I also developed a love for creative writing and in year 6, I penned my first children’s book.  An epic novel – complete with illustrations – which recounted the tempetuous relationship between a gentle dragon and a rebellious mouse.  I can only imagine it would have been a bestseller if published.  

In senior school, I graduated to reading women’s magazines, where I would admire the new season’s garb whilst taking a great interest in all the features within the glossy pages.  Early on in my senior school career, I firmly declared to my parents that one day I will write for one of these magazines, an ambition which still stands today.

Now, my blog centres around my life with posts featuring my main two passions; fashion and food.  I’m attempting to merge my way into a lifestyle blog through writing an online diary of my outfits and day trips, which mostly involve copious amounts of food.

Quite frankly, I am an unapologetic carnivor with an insatiable appetite for every culinary cuisine that ever has or will be.  So prepare for meat accompanied by a fairly large side of chiffon.


I love comments so if you have anything to say then please feel free to have a natter!  If you’re interested in learning more about me, then make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin’ and Tumblr!  You can also always email me at and I’ll make sure to reply!

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    Do you have an email address I can contact you on? Thanks! Taryn

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