Until recently I had barely ever travelled south of the river in London.  Soho was just about as adventorous as it got when I visited the capital, but now with friends planting their feet and considerable wardrobes all over the city, I’ve got more of an excuse to venture to new ground.  My first stop on this new journey was the last on the Victoria line: Brixton.

Brixton is a bit of a mish mash of everything.  Semi-recently adopted by young professionals and hipsters, the area has gone through an Instagram worthy regeneration.  The best part of this make over is without a doubt the famous Brixton Village where you can feast on food that has Londoners making the pilgrimage over the river.

While I was only staying for one night in the capitol, I managed to make two trips to the Village for dinner and brunch, so here it goes…

After finding out some very exciting news there was cause to celebrate, so Natasha, Cris, Jess and I headed over to the market where we settled to eating some Asian fare at Happy Dumpling.  Confused and a little bit tired, we all ended up over-ordering, a blessing in disguise which just meant loosening our belts and diving in to plates overflowing with noodles, deep fried prawns, spinach in a garlic sauce and prawn toast.

My two favourites?  The prawn lucky bags which I ordered packed a punch in the spice department while the spinach in garlic sauce would give anyone a Popeye moment.

P1010752 P1010750 P1010755

After heading back to their flat and falling asleep watching re-runs of the Rachel Zoe Project in bed with Jess, we awoke the next morning, craving eggs.  

We headed to Wild Caper, a deli I’d read about on The Londoner’s blog and one which boasted about its short but sweet brunch menu next to the free bread and oil samples (I ate three #sorrynotsorry).




While the eggs were perhaps left to poach for a smidgen too long, these eggs was egg-actly what we needed.  PUNNY.

If I learnt anything in New York, it was that brunch cannot be done properly without a Bloody Mary by ones side!  As a relative newbie to the Bloody Mary game, I can’t comment too much so I’ll just let you guys tell me whether WIld Caper do it right!


Rob and Margaret, this one is for you!

With bellies full, we wandered around the market picking up presents for our newly engaged friends, Sarah and Nick (!!!!) and window shopping where I saw these rather strapping lads larking around…


I do love a Panda in a monk strap…

After tearing ourselves away from our prospective (panda) princes, we headed into a shop where the most remarkable thing happened.  You see, I have an incredible knack for scaring kids.  I don’t know why, but they just don’t seem to like me.  I’ll wave, smile and make funny faces in an endeavour to make friends, but my eager attempts are usually met with disdain and sometimes even hysterical tears.  So when a little girl started chatting away excitedly to both Jess and I in one of the shops, we ended up staying for a half hour and playing make believe…it all got a little weird, so I’ll just leave you with this image of Jess and I engaging in a cowboy inspired photoshoot…

Wheres your favourite place to go in Brixton Village?


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After going to the MET museum, my mum and I spent the rest of the day lost in Central Park.  I can tell you firsthand, that the streets of New York do not make you feel brand new, but rather the opposite after walking around all day.  How dare you lie to me Alicia Keys.  

The only cure for sore feet and the bitter feeling of betrayal?  A cupcake from Magnolia’s Bakery of course.

P1010437 P1010436 P1010435 P1010433

After recharging our batteries with a sugary sweet treat, we headed to the Meatpacking District for drinks at the The Standard hotel.  As I’ve mentioned before, the Standard is now renowned for being the location of Solange and Jay-Z’s now infamous fight and I was on a mission to find out what really happened in that lift.  While from the outside, The Standard looks pretty, well…standard, resembling a glassy eyed council block, the inside is the real tour de force with the kind of sleek interiors which attracts models, ‘yes’ men and wayward artistes among the odd celebrity.

The bar at the top of The Standard is aptly named…The Top of The Standard.  Revolutionary branding.  The dress code depends less on what you’re wearing and more on who you are it seems, with some unlucky punters being turned away for wearing trainers, while others stroll through the golden gates with their dirty Converse trailing frayed laces.  Maybe its time to polish off the ‘don’t you know who I am’ gaff, just incase.


Must have used a bit too much fake tan, looking a bit orange…


Once inside – if you make it inside – you’re bathed in an orange light which evidently attracts the beautiful, the mildly famous and the grossly surgically enhanced like moths to the flame.  While I may not be any of the above, its hard to deny that the bar has a vibe which buzzes of the here and now.

When we arrived, it was heaving so the circular bar was surrounded by a two-deep layer of thirsty patrons waiting for the agonisingly slow barmen to pour their martini.  This is the kind of place where its best to order two rounds in one if you’ve got the gusto and the wallet for it. While the wait may be almost criminal, the measures are generous – Americans don’t use single or double measures apparently – so you get more ‘tini for your dolla’ than you would at an English bar of the same calibre.  Pros and cons, people.  

Of course, while the main draw of a bar is usually its alcohol and the main drawback its toilets, the Top of The Standard marches to a different beat with views and toilets which are both as fabulous as the other.  The floor to ceiling windows allow for a great view over to New Jersey and Manhattan and we were lucky enough to witness the city that never sleeps moving into the dark restless hours of the night.


Toilefie? No, that doesn’t work…

P1010491The view from the loo

P1010490 P1010487 P1010489 P1010473

These same floor to ceiling windows are also what have made the toilets such a trending topic.  You can literally sit on the throne and continue to cast an eye over your kingdom.  While they became notorious at first, with office blocks opposite catching an eyeful every time someone answered the call of nature, a handy net curtain has now been erected to preserve your modesty, not so fun in my eyes.  

So, why did Solange and Jay-Z’s night end in fistie cuffs after their trip to The Standard?  Well, Jay-Z’s obvious penchant for strawberry daiquiri’s, ordered one at a time resulted in Solange missing a re-run of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s finale  (her favourite show, obvs) and matters only got worse when an unfortunate incident in a toilet led to Solange baring her soul (strategic word replacement there) to this side of lower Manhattan before a psychedelic art installation playing on the TVs in the lifts caused her to spin out in a rage fuelled by strongly mixed cocktails.  No wonder Beyonce and Jay-Z’s statement was so vague.  

I think I’ve accidentally made this review a bit scathing, so don’t be perturbed, I’ve read nothing but good things about the food and hotel experience of staying at The Standard and while The Top of The Standard has great toilets and even greater views most of us know that this package comes with the kind of pretentiousness that is inherent in a place that has been tipped as a place to be seen, so we kind of asked for it.  In fact, the people watching is great and the experience wouldn’t be the same if it was just a load of old codgers ordering lager at the bar really would it?

We ended our first full day in New York with a stroll around Soho, a trip to Grand Central Station and a dinner at a Bobby Van’s where I ate Tuna Tartar and steak.  The food at Bobby Van’s was good, but their service leaves much to be desired, a characteristic of many New York steak restaurants.


I also wore this cheeky little number which just happens to be all Topshop –  embarrassing.  I love this strapless black jumpsuit (which has now come out in a blush pink colour which I’m lusting over) while this blazer comes from a co-ord suit which I wore to the theatre but didn’t manage to get a photo of!


Anyway, on to the second day.  We decided to walk up to the Rockefeller centre from our hotel which just happened to be in Times Square.

Times Square is hectic 24/7 but with subway stations, theatres and food all at your doorstep it is an ideal spot for anyone to stay for a short amount of time…and did I mention that theres a Sephora just around the corner as well.  


The Rockefeller centre is located in midtown Manhattan and refers to a collection of buildings including the NBC studios, Radio City Music Hall and the GE building, which the Top of the Rock observation deck sits on top of.


Is this even the building we went up…I’m not even sure anymore…

P1010379 P1010384 P1010406

The view at the Top of the Rock is incredible; the 360 degree views mean you can observe the Empire State proudly towering over the buildings around it in the middle of Manhattan to the south of the Rockefeller Centre and Central Park dominating the view to the north, whilst also surveying the cars and people below and scouring the cities rooftops for gardens, pools and workmen going about their daily business.  We spotted a few people scaling up and down the sides of buildings washing the windows – a thought which gives me vertigo even thinking about it now.





Dungarees – American Apparel / Top – Topshop / Bag – 3.1 Phillip Lim 

I have been looking for the perfect pair of long leg dungarees for months and I finally found them while away!  In the past few months, I’ve ordered numerous pairs from both ASOS and Topshop and umm-ed and ahh-ed for weeks before sending each pair back.  I even announced that I’d given up on my fruitless search several times, much to my mothers relief, but in the end I stumbled across the holy grail of all dungarees in American Apparel in Soho.  I love the zip detail at the top – which actually ended up being most handy – and the tapered legs which I rolled up a couple of times to give a more relaxed aesthetic, plus they’re super comfy and make you feel like a 5 year old again; I’ll be wearing these all year round now.  If you’re interested in trying these babies out for yourself, I’d advise ordering a size beneath what you usually do unless you want a very baggy look, I’m usually a medium but had to buy a small as I didn’t want to look like an off-duty painter.

I’m currently sat in my bed at Newcastle, flicking between blogging, watching the new season of Orange is the New Black, begrudgingly doing reading for my dissertation and looking through photos of my trip to New York.  Now that is multi-tasking.  I’ve just booked a trip home for a few days, so I’m praying that the weather will be sunny so I can sit by the pool to make the dull, monotonous task of reading a much more enjoyable task!

I’ll be blogging about my jaunt around Central Park and a trip to the MET in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for more soon!


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A while ago, my family and I went to The Hook, one of Guernsey’s newest restaurants which fast became one of my favourites.  Not just because it served up melt in the mouth steaks and fresh seafood, but because of its sushi menu.  It seems ridiculous but The Hook is one of the few places on an island –  which is surrounded by sea and all things fishy – that serves up a comprehensive sushi menu.  My little isle was woefully in the past when it came to the Japanese delicacy, with most people having to brave an early morning scuffle in the deli aisle of M&S to get a taste – albeit, a not very good or authentic one.  Alas, The Hook has saved the day.  Not only has it provided sit down meals full of the fishy stuff, it also does take away lunch boxes; cue town workers across the island accidentally leaving their lunches at home as an excuse to pick up some midday sushi.


Kenzo dress // 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli bag // Topshop boots (old)


This Wednesday my family and I made the hop, jump and skip to the town front for a spot of sushi and steak.  While the sushi restaurant is mainly housed downstairs, you can order from both the A La Carte and sushi menu upstairs, so you have the best of both worlds. 

I wore my Kenzo fit and flare dress with my Pashli as well as my Topshop boots which I think I’ve worn in every OOTD so far?!  While the Kenzo dress was an eBay bargain (shhh) I understand why people buy them at full price, it fits like a dream and is oh so comfy even after a three course meal.  I think I’ll be repeating this outfit when I head to the LOOK offices for work experience in a couple of weeks time.  This will be my third trip to the IPC offices in London for work experience at LOOK and I’m really looking forward to it, everyone there is lovely and they all make a real effort to give interns ‘proper’ jobs, just check out my post about my last time there here if you need further proof.  Possibly the best work experience ever. 

Anyway, back to the FOOD! 




I started off with a small Okimari platter of sushi with maki rolls and nigiri pieces.  While my dad went for the seafood ceviche, which was presently differently to one which I had at our last visit.



Small but mighty

While I had intended to keep it all raw, I ended up salivating at the thought of surf and turf, something which is becoming a bit of a (bad) habit for me at the moment.  Last time I wrote about The Hook, I actually pointed out that they were missing out of a trick by not having a surf and turf option on their menu so I was happy to see this had changed!  Meat and seafood, the way to every carnivores heart! 

My steak came with Bone Marrow Jus and my Lobster was smothered in a deliciously buttery garlic sauce which complimented the meaty lobster.   My steak was cooked to perfection and melted at the touch of the knife (I’m sat drooling at the thought after having a typically underwhelming student dinner).  


Claws out


Dessert for me was just white chocolate ice cream, which I ended up sharing with my dad – who doesn’t eat chocolate apparently.  


While I didn’t eat too much of the sushi on offer this time, I can promise it’s all good with their Seabass and Truffle Soy Rolls being a personal favourite of mine.

The Hook is always adding to their repertoire of dishes and hopefully in the future they’ll add even more sushi dishes so I can spend my trips home making my way through the menu and burning a hole in my pocket.

Its back to student cooking now though…

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The saying ‘good things come in small packages’ has never been so appropriate than right now!

Balenciaga, Celine and Proenza Schouler have all miniaturised some of their most popular designs begging the question to whether big really is better? 

As a lover of bags and with my birthday around the corner, I set out researching which sartorial accessory I’d be adding to my growing collection.

After some serious research, the nano on my wishlist was the the Phillip Lim mini Pashli in classic black.  As there is nowhere in Guernsey that you can buy Phillip Lim bags (step your game up Guernsey retail) I spent evenings Googling pictures of people wearing them – sad, I know –  to check the proportions.  Although most websites now provide pictures of models wearing the bags on offer It’s always helpful to Google a few bloggers and see how it hangs on them and what they have to say about it, as you don’t want something to turn up which you thought would work as a weekend bag when really it’s the size of a coin purse!

After arriving home on to Guernsey on Friday to a Monniere Freres box on my bed, I was I admit, a little bit giddy and opened my parcel pre-birthday bash on Sunday.  Naughty but oh so necessary.  


Zips down, you saucy minx!


‘Pashli’ is Russian for ‘let’s go’, a term which perhaps stems from the popular bag’s origins in the humble motorcycle bag and only serves to endear me to the design more.

While the medium version of the pashli can hold a 13-inch Macbook amongst other things (old receipts, numbers on forgotten pieces of paper, pens without lids and a diary which hasn’t been updated since your last organisational breakdown) while it’s mini sibling is just the right size for your daily necessities minus the useless bric-a-brac.  I’ve already used my Pashli several times over the weekend and love how my camera fits in perfectly alongside everything else.

I’m looking forward to slinging my new love over my shoulder as a cross body bag, zips down when I go to New York at the end of May.  Yes, I am already planning outfits. 

Have you got a mini bag on your wishlist?  Have you got any ideas of what I should do when I visit the Big Apple?  More importantly, any restaurant recommendations?  

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I’m swapping out the old cliche of the ‘new year, new me’ for a more contemporary catchphrase.

‘New year, New Balance’ is about to become my personal style mantra for 2014.  After seeing Cam from Camille Over the Rainbow and Shini from Park and Cube championing a pair of the trainers, I had some serious shoe envy.  For me, shoe envy is usually reserved for studded Loubs, Alexander Wang booties or those Balenciaga buckle ankle boots but on this occasion, I found myself seriously lusting after a pair of comfy and practical trainers.  

After spending more than the normal amount of time doing some indepth research, I opted for a pair of 574’s in black and grey suede and leather from ASOS and these babies have not left my feet since they arrived.  Even my mum is considering in investing in a pair.

My only problem with them?  The shoelaces.  It is perhaps time to let you all know that I have an irrational fear/phobia of shoelaces.  Yes, you read that correctly, shoelaces.  Just let that sink in.  So as you can imagine, lacing my new trainers  – I’m cringing as I type this – takes some serious will power.

Having bypassed the Nike Air Max fad, I think I’ll be seriously investing some time and money into the New Balance phenomenon and will soon be adding to my debut pair with some 420’s and 410’s in the name of some shoelace based therapy.  

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Top – Topshop (similar here) / Necklace – Primark / Trousers – UO Renewal / Boots – Topshop / Belt – Stolen from my mum / Lipstick – MAC Lady DangerBag – Mulberry (similar here

Yesterday, I was nonchalantly walking around Newcastle city centre when I was asked whether I would like to pose for a photo.  Had the enquirer been a slightly podgy middle aged man with saliva hanging out his mouth, I may have politely declined but as the young lady who approached me looked anything but, I was well up for a bit of public posing.

Dr Marten’s are currently searching high and low for the face of their SS2015 international campaign and this last week, the search was taken to the Toon.  The brand has recently opened a shop on Newcastle’s Grainger street which sells their famous boots and some incredible knitwear from Agyness Deyn’s latest collaboration with Dr Marten and I’ve been tempted more than once to blow my student budget on some sturdy shoes ready for a Geordie Winter.  Although I’m not wearing Doc’s in my street style photo, Sandra Tang – who was heading the Newcastle search – and her crew were looking for those whose fashion sense embodies the Dr Marten spirit and thanks to some tartan trousers, I seemed to fit the bill!  I recently bought these tartan beauties while Urban Outfitters was participating in a student takeover, meaning I got a healthy 20% off the £48 bill!  They’re so comfy and are now part of my growing check wardrobe.  Slave to a trend.  

After having my photo taken I was given a Dr Marten’s canvas bag with a boot keyring inside and a voucher for a 10% discount! No excuses for buying a pair of boots now! 

Thanks to Sandra Tang for allowing me to use the photo!  Check out the other people who were snapped on Sandra’s blog, here, here and here!

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Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 23.54.11

I have a confession.  I am irrevocably obsessed with Tumblr.

During my final year exams I found myself signing up for anything which would stem the boredom of revision.  Survey taker? Yeah!  Hard spin class?  Sign me up!  Tumblr…?  Um, okay then.  And thus, my newest love affair began.  Just call it the Kim to my Kanye.  

Scrolling through endless pictures of landscapes, interior designs and clothes, accessories and shoes which I can only aspire to own has quickly become my go-to past time and I often find myself burning the midnight oil refreshing my homepage.  Sad, I know.  

As the new University term is starting I should probably start weening myself off this stellar procrastination tool but I’m going to add some fuel to the fire by requesting your Tumblr’s!  Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie! 

P.S. The lovely Allie from Love From Misbehave! kindly named me the site’s ‘Blog of The Week’ and asked me to answer a few questions so if you want to look at what I said, click here.

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Jumper – Topshop / Skirt – Topshop / Shirt (underneath) – Zara / Socks – Topshop / Bag – Mulberry / Boots – Topshop 

Just like Cher Horowitz from Clueless, I often find solace in a mall (ahem, shopping centre).  Ahead of my first week starting my Masters in Media and Journalism and after seeing off the boyf as he moves to Dubai, I was definitely in need of a little – read, huge – bit of retail therapy.  My preferred treatment is a trip to Topshop and on this occasion I discovered that the perfect medicine for a bruised heart is definitely fluffy jumpers, tartan skirts and pony skin boots!  As if! 

I wore this outfit to an induction day at Uni and then to a pub dinner with my grandma – old people are so sweet – and my mum, who is a total Betty.  Although I could tell a few people were giving me strange looks throughout the day and would have probably classed me as a fashion victim – or ensembly challenged – I lovedddd recreating the Clueless vibe.

Now I just need a real life Dionne to join me!  Any takers?

P.S. camera quality is awful!  Relying on Santa for a new one!

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After a chaotic summer of travelling around, I’m finally back home!

From Ibiza to Paris, I’ve taken 14 flights this summer and feel like I’ve dragged a suitcase around with me everywhere I’ve been!  I am the Departure Lounge Queen. 

After settling at home for a few days, I ventured into St. Peter Port to have a nosey around the shops and although I had resolved that I would refrain from spending any money, I accidentally picked up this little – okay, huge – stunner of a necklace.  Oops.

The bib style has been around for a while and a few weeks ago I was seriously considering investing in an almost identical golden beauty from Topshop but at a hefty £50 my student budget was not permitting.  BUT, fear not!  This New Look version is an absolute bargainous £19.99 and also comes in gold!  Necklaces for everyone!  

I’m also particularly fond of this Zara bomber jacket which I picked up a few weeks ago while I was on work experience in London.  It’s become a staple in my wardrobe as it goes with just about anything and makes an everyday outfit (cami and jeans) a little bit more special.  The overall pattern is floral but the cuffs and pockets have a tartan lining which is a subtle nod to the upcoming AW13 trend.


Necklace – New Look / Bomber Jacket – Zara / Dress – Topshop / Shoes – Nike / Sunglasses – Ray Ban / Dog – POA 

I’ve still got a couple of weeks of summer home comforts before I head off to Newcastle University to begin an MA in Journalism and Media!  I’m a little nervous  – okay, a lot – as I don’t know too many people in the city but I’m looking forward to exploring, perfecting my Geordie accent and playing Bingo every Thursday with my gran who lives up North!

Anyone want to be my friend in Newcastle…? Anyone…? 

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