We ended our first full day in New York with a stroll around Soho, a trip to Grand Central Station and a dinner at a Bobby Van’s where I ate Tuna Tartar and steak.  The food at Bobby Van’s was good, but their service leaves much to be desired, a characteristic of many New York steak restaurants.


I also wore this cheeky little number which just happens to be all Topshop –  embarrassing.  I love this strapless black jumpsuit (which has now come out in a blush pink colour which I’m lusting over) while this blazer comes from a co-ord suit which I wore to the theatre but didn’t manage to get a photo of!


Anyway, on to the second day.  We decided to walk up to the Rockefeller centre from our hotel which just happened to be in Times Square.

Times Square is hectic 24/7 but with subway stations, theatres and food all at your doorstep it is an ideal spot for anyone to stay for a short amount of time…and did I mention that theres a Sephora just around the corner as well.  


The Rockefeller centre is located in midtown Manhattan and refers to a collection of buildings including the NBC studios, Radio City Music Hall and the GE building, which the Top of the Rock observation deck sits on top of.


Is this even the building we went up…I’m not even sure anymore…

P1010379 P1010384 P1010406

The view at the Top of the Rock is incredible; the 360 degree views mean you can observe the Empire State proudly towering over the buildings around it in the middle of Manhattan to the south of the Rockefeller Centre and Central Park dominating the view to the north, whilst also surveying the cars and people below and scouring the cities rooftops for gardens, pools and workmen going about their daily business.  We spotted a few people scaling up and down the sides of buildings washing the windows – a thought which gives me vertigo even thinking about it now.





Dungarees – American Apparel / Top – Topshop / Bag – 3.1 Phillip Lim 

I have been looking for the perfect pair of long leg dungarees for months and I finally found them while away!  In the past few months, I’ve ordered numerous pairs from both ASOS and Topshop and umm-ed and ahh-ed for weeks before sending each pair back.  I even announced that I’d given up on my fruitless search several times, much to my mothers relief, but in the end I stumbled across the holy grail of all dungarees in American Apparel in Soho.  I love the zip detail at the top – which actually ended up being most handy – and the tapered legs which I rolled up a couple of times to give a more relaxed aesthetic, plus they’re super comfy and make you feel like a 5 year old again; I’ll be wearing these all year round now.  If you’re interested in trying these babies out for yourself, I’d advise ordering a size beneath what you usually do unless you want a very baggy look, I’m usually a medium but had to buy a small as I didn’t want to look like an off-duty painter.

I’m currently sat in my bed at Newcastle, flicking between blogging, watching the new season of Orange is the New Black, begrudgingly doing reading for my dissertation and looking through photos of my trip to New York.  Now that is multi-tasking.  I’ve just booked a trip home for a few days, so I’m praying that the weather will be sunny so I can sit by the pool to make the dull, monotonous task of reading a much more enjoyable task!

I’ll be blogging about my jaunt around Central Park and a trip to the MET in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for more soon!


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After a chaotic summer of travelling around, I’m finally back home!

From Ibiza to Paris, I’ve taken 14 flights this summer and feel like I’ve dragged a suitcase around with me everywhere I’ve been!  I am the Departure Lounge Queen. 

After settling at home for a few days, I ventured into St. Peter Port to have a nosey around the shops and although I had resolved that I would refrain from spending any money, I accidentally picked up this little – okay, huge – stunner of a necklace.  Oops.

The bib style has been around for a while and a few weeks ago I was seriously considering investing in an almost identical golden beauty from Topshop but at a hefty £50 my student budget was not permitting.  BUT, fear not!  This New Look version is an absolute bargainous £19.99 and also comes in gold!  Necklaces for everyone!  

I’m also particularly fond of this Zara bomber jacket which I picked up a few weeks ago while I was on work experience in London.  It’s become a staple in my wardrobe as it goes with just about anything and makes an everyday outfit (cami and jeans) a little bit more special.  The overall pattern is floral but the cuffs and pockets have a tartan lining which is a subtle nod to the upcoming AW13 trend.


Necklace – New Look / Bomber Jacket – Zara / Dress – Topshop / Shoes – Nike / Sunglasses – Ray Ban / Dog – POA 

I’ve still got a couple of weeks of summer home comforts before I head off to Newcastle University to begin an MA in Journalism and Media!  I’m a little nervous  – okay, a lot – as I don’t know too many people in the city but I’m looking forward to exploring, perfecting my Geordie accent and playing Bingo every Thursday with my gran who lives up North!

Anyone want to be my friend in Newcastle…? Anyone…? 

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Back in March it was my 22nd birthday and as anyone who knows me will already be well aware, I do love to stretch out the celebrations.  Just like the Queen, I tend to have two birthdays, one at home and one with uni friends, however, this year I’ve managed to keep the birthday spirit alive right into May, something I hope will become tradition!  

This week, in post-exam bliss my boyfriend and I headed into London with a full itinerary of activities for a belated birthday treat.  The first order of the day was heading to the personal shopper suite in Tophsop’s flagship store on Oxford Street.  I did not have to be told twice! 

While booking the session, I’d been asked to fill out a simple form with my sizes and a brief outlining of what kind of clothes I was looking for (basics or statement pieces) and for what occasions.  Having recently booked a trip to Ibiza with 40 of my closest friends (yes…forty) and confirmed some work experience at a magazine in London for the summer, I thought I’d use the opportunity to buy some clothes which would stretch to both of these occasions!

On arrival, Ross and I were introduced to my personal shopper for the hour, Lauren and taken to a suite with a huge comfy chair for him and a rail of clothes for me – heaven.  Lauren had handpicked a selection of outfits which would be perfect for the beach, club and office complete with accessories and matching shoes.  Could she be my new best friend? 

My rail was full of some perfect classics (black cami/grey jersey crop/denim shorts) and also a collection of colourfully printed maxi’s, embellished skirts and palm tree adorned shorts – resulting in the perfect style menagerie.  When I first walked in and saw some of the clothes on the rail I was a bit worried as there were a few things which I would not choose for myself however, I was more than intrigued to try everything and was pleasantly surprised by the majority!  Even Ross was generous with his complements – he’s usually quite a hard person to please!  While trying on every ensemble Lauren popped in and out with advice, helpful comments and beverages for us both whilst also offering to go grab anything else which I needed/wanted from the shop floor.

My trip to the Topshop Personal Shopper suite made for the perfect morning and although it sorely dented my poor bank account my wardrobe looks all the better for it!

I’ll undoubtably look like I’ve been sponsored by Topshop on my Ibiza trip but I can think of worse things!

If you’re thinking about booking a personal shopping experience at Topshop, then look no further than here!