Restaurant Review

Back in September – YES, SEPTEMBER, I am that disorganised – my brother and his girlfriend hopped across the pond to London.  While I like to pretend they came purely to see me, it was more of a family affair with the whole Ayre clan meeting in the capital to indulge.  When Rob asked where did a good brunch in London, my answer could be no other than the mighty Duck & Waffle.

While I reverted to being a creature of habit and ordered the restaurant’s eponymous hero of a dish, my company shared some mini plates including the roasted octopus with chorizo, some breaded prawns, a mozzarella special (not pictured) and some incredible breads.  While I like to kid myself that one day I’ll give up bread and take part in some crazy vegan, gluten-free, 5:2 diet, its because of breads like this that I never will.  We ordered two little puffs of doughy heaven; the artichoke and parmesan and gruyere and n’duja.

Bread is such a social food to me; conversation bubbles while you tear off a piece, lather on the butter and dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  If a bread basket was presented to me now, I’d bury my face in it and emerge covered in crumbs.  An attractive thought (call me boys, you know you want to).  

Anyway, since my trip to Duck & Waffle TWO MONTHS AGO, I have completed a months work experience at InStyle magazine which got off to a slow start but ended up being lots of fun!  Aside from writing and getting stuck into the daily happenings of a magazine office, I attended press events and even got to see Ed Sheeran in a private box with New Look. You’re allowed to be jealous.

Right now, I’m interning at SUITCASE Magazine, a small independent travel and fashion Bible which comes out quarterly.  The whole team at SUITCASE are amazing and the editor, Serena is definitely a force to be reckoned with.  Don’t just take my word for it, she won a Woman of the Year award recently which definitely trumps my Blue Peter badge!  If you haven’t heard of SUITCASE Magazine before, then head to their website or pick up a copy to inject some serious wanderlust into your life.  At the end of this month, I’m off to sit on the features desk of ELLE Magazine which I cannot wait for!




Dem tiles







P1020159 P1020160

Is there anything better than diving into a plate of food, hands first and coming out with ketchup smeered on your cheek?    While I love going to restaurants where you’re presented with a plethora of cutlery and plates of food which could win the Turner prize, getting back to basics just feels so right.  For me, the messier the meal, the more I enjoy it so when I realised that there was a Dirty Burger shack in Vauxhall which is only a couple of stops away from my flat, I just had to go.  

P1020174After a day at work, the hunger was real, so we all decided to go for the special burg which not only had a pattie, but also had pulled pork, cheese, pickles and BBQ sauce slathered on it.  Are you dribbling yet…?  Because I am. 

Now, Dirty Burgers live up to their name and come hot, sweaty and juicy which doesn’t make for the most attractive of photos but believe me, this was special.  We all made noises which are usually relegated to the bedroom when unwrapping our meaty packages.


Crinkle chips and onion fries accompanied our feast


Look guys, I never said it was going to be pretty

So dirty it’s almost criminal, these burgers are undeniably great and the added bonus of pulled pork was a bit of a game changer in my eyes.  Their crinkle chips are crispy and airy, just how I like a thick chip while Rachel couldn’t stop raving about the onion fries which came with a heavy golden brown batter.  Dirty Burger have four locations over London (and 1 in America) so you’re never too far from getting your hands dirty.  Check out their website here and while you’re aimlessly surfing the tinternet in search of #burgerporn, how about checking about the website for Suitcase magazine which I’m interning at until the end of December here!

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Until recently I had barely ever travelled south of the river in London.  Soho was just about as adventorous as it got when I visited the capital, but now with friends planting their feet and considerable wardrobes all over the city, I’ve got more of an excuse to venture to new ground.  My first stop on this new journey was the last on the Victoria line: Brixton.

Brixton is a bit of a mish mash of everything.  Semi-recently adopted by young professionals and hipsters, the area has gone through an Instagram worthy regeneration.  The best part of this make over is without a doubt the famous Brixton Village where you can feast on food that has Londoners making the pilgrimage over the river.

While I was only staying for one night in the capitol, I managed to make two trips to the Village for dinner and brunch, so here it goes…

After finding out some very exciting news there was cause to celebrate, so Natasha, Cris, Jess and I headed over to the market where we settled to eating some Asian fare at Happy Dumpling.  Confused and a little bit tired, we all ended up over-ordering, a blessing in disguise which just meant loosening our belts and diving in to plates overflowing with noodles, deep fried prawns, spinach in a garlic sauce and prawn toast.

My two favourites?  The prawn lucky bags which I ordered packed a punch in the spice department while the spinach in garlic sauce would give anyone a Popeye moment.

P1010752 P1010750 P1010755

After heading back to their flat and falling asleep watching re-runs of the Rachel Zoe Project in bed with Jess, we awoke the next morning, craving eggs.  

We headed to Wild Caper, a deli I’d read about on The Londoner’s blog and one which boasted about its short but sweet brunch menu next to the free bread and oil samples (I ate three #sorrynotsorry).




While the eggs were perhaps left to poach for a smidgen too long, these eggs was egg-actly what we needed.  PUNNY.

If I learnt anything in New York, it was that brunch cannot be done properly without a Bloody Mary by ones side!  As a relative newbie to the Bloody Mary game, I can’t comment too much so I’ll just let you guys tell me whether WIld Caper do it right!


Rob and Margaret, this one is for you!

With bellies full, we wandered around the market picking up presents for our newly engaged friends, Sarah and Nick (!!!!) and window shopping where I saw these rather strapping lads larking around…


I do love a Panda in a monk strap…

After tearing ourselves away from our prospective (panda) princes, we headed into a shop where the most remarkable thing happened.  You see, I have an incredible knack for scaring kids.  I don’t know why, but they just don’t seem to like me.  I’ll wave, smile and make funny faces in an endeavour to make friends, but my eager attempts are usually met with disdain and sometimes even hysterical tears.  So when a little girl started chatting away excitedly to both Jess and I in one of the shops, we ended up staying for a half hour and playing make believe…it all got a little weird, so I’ll just leave you with this image of Jess and I engaging in a cowboy inspired photoshoot…

Wheres your favourite place to go in Brixton Village?


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Guernsey looks so pretty when its sunny.  

I know everywhere looks much better when you’ve had a natural shot of Vitamin D and I may be bias, but Guernsey just seems to look better than the rest (Jersey, I’m looking at you).  The flowers bloom, the sea turns a Mediterranean shade of blue and the birds all sing a little bit louder.  It just becomes a little bit of heaven in the English Channel.

While I’m predominantly back home under the pretence of working on my dissertations literature review, I can’t help but want to explore when the sky is blue and there isn’t a cloud in sight.  With two dogs in tow, my mum and I headed to Jerbourg for a cliff walk.  With a view over both Herm and Sark on a clear day, the cliffs on the south east side of the island are spectacular and we weren’t surprised to see other islanders and tourists sunning themselves while enjoying an ice cream at the car park kiosk where we started our walk.

P1010672 P1010675 P1010681 P1010683 P1010684

None of these photos are edited, Guernsey is just really this great (I may be bias)

P1010689 P1010690

As we meandered around the coast line it struck me how lucky I am to have a place so beautiful to call home.  I think most people who have grown up on Guernsey have at one time or another, cursed the day they were born on the tiny island.  A small island community can be suffocating at times and you only have to glance at Guernsey eBay to see this frustration in action – simultaneously hilarious and slightly worrying, besides all the moaning, I once saw someone trying to sell an old toilet brush!?  But, after heading off to University and living in my fair share of student dives with little more than a view over the bins for the last 4 years, I find that I’ve developed a heightened appreciation for all things Guernsey.

One of those little bits of my little island paradise which I can’t help but love is Moulin Huet, a bay which is often forgotten even by those who live on the island.  While the beach is great and is rarely jam packed, the best thing about it is the tearoom which you’ll pass on your way down to the blue seas.

P1010709 P1010705



Run by the lovely, Susanna, Moulin Huet tearooms is a cake lovers heaven with homemade treats made by Susanna and her mum every day.  After our walk, I managed to exercise some great restraint and ordered a Guernsey crab sandwich with a chilli and ginger jam and coriander while my mum jumped right in with the fruit scone complete with jam and cream.



I wouldn’t usually go for crab but this was so tasty I ordered it again the next time I went a few days later.  I’d love to recreate the chilli and ginger jam at home so I can enjoy this more while at Uni!  After finishing up my sandwich I soon became rather jealous of my mums scone and after having a nibble, my resolve broke and I ordered one for myself.

Moulin Huet tearooms is just about as idyllic as they come and these scones are the best I have ever tasted (I’m craving one as I write this) so if you’re on island – or not – make the trip down now for a little taste of heaven while the sun is still shining!  You will not regret it.  

Heres a little extra treat for all you people sat at your desks working, writing, procrastinating whatever you’re doing, just enjoy this:


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We ended our first full day in New York with a stroll around Soho, a trip to Grand Central Station and a dinner at a Bobby Van’s where I ate Tuna Tartar and steak.  The food at Bobby Van’s was good, but their service leaves much to be desired, a characteristic of many New York steak restaurants.


I also wore this cheeky little number which just happens to be all Topshop –  embarrassing.  I love this strapless black jumpsuit (which has now come out in a blush pink colour which I’m lusting over) while this blazer comes from a co-ord suit which I wore to the theatre but didn’t manage to get a photo of!


Anyway, on to the second day.  We decided to walk up to the Rockefeller centre from our hotel which just happened to be in Times Square.

Times Square is hectic 24/7 but with subway stations, theatres and food all at your doorstep it is an ideal spot for anyone to stay for a short amount of time…and did I mention that theres a Sephora just around the corner as well.  


The Rockefeller centre is located in midtown Manhattan and refers to a collection of buildings including the NBC studios, Radio City Music Hall and the GE building, which the Top of the Rock observation deck sits on top of.


Is this even the building we went up…I’m not even sure anymore…

P1010379 P1010384 P1010406

The view at the Top of the Rock is incredible; the 360 degree views mean you can observe the Empire State proudly towering over the buildings around it in the middle of Manhattan to the south of the Rockefeller Centre and Central Park dominating the view to the north, whilst also surveying the cars and people below and scouring the cities rooftops for gardens, pools and workmen going about their daily business.  We spotted a few people scaling up and down the sides of buildings washing the windows – a thought which gives me vertigo even thinking about it now.





Dungarees – American Apparel / Top – Topshop / Bag – 3.1 Phillip Lim 

I have been looking for the perfect pair of long leg dungarees for months and I finally found them while away!  In the past few months, I’ve ordered numerous pairs from both ASOS and Topshop and umm-ed and ahh-ed for weeks before sending each pair back.  I even announced that I’d given up on my fruitless search several times, much to my mothers relief, but in the end I stumbled across the holy grail of all dungarees in American Apparel in Soho.  I love the zip detail at the top – which actually ended up being most handy – and the tapered legs which I rolled up a couple of times to give a more relaxed aesthetic, plus they’re super comfy and make you feel like a 5 year old again; I’ll be wearing these all year round now.  If you’re interested in trying these babies out for yourself, I’d advise ordering a size beneath what you usually do unless you want a very baggy look, I’m usually a medium but had to buy a small as I didn’t want to look like an off-duty painter.

I’m currently sat in my bed at Newcastle, flicking between blogging, watching the new season of Orange is the New Black, begrudgingly doing reading for my dissertation and looking through photos of my trip to New York.  Now that is multi-tasking.  I’ve just booked a trip home for a few days, so I’m praying that the weather will be sunny so I can sit by the pool to make the dull, monotonous task of reading a much more enjoyable task!

I’ll be blogging about my jaunt around Central Park and a trip to the MET in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for more soon!


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I last left you at the bottom of the High Line with a rumbling belly, waiting for a proper New York lunch.  

After making a quick pit stop at Washington Square Park, we continued on our special pilgrimage towards East Houston praying for a taste of what has been described as “the best pastrami on earth”.  Now from my personal experience, the UK is just not that big on pastrami.  We prefer our sandwich meats roasted, seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper and shoved between two pieces of bread but let me tell you, we’ve got a lesson or two in sandwich making to learn.  


Katz Deli has been plating up Reubens like no other for the last 126 years, now serving up to 1000 punters a day.  This unassuming Jewish Deli  has been consistently hailed as making not only the best pastrami on earth, but also some of the best sandwiches in America.  It’s kind of a big deal.  

I’d been itching to visit Katz ever since I’d watched Adam Richman – from Man v. Food, duhhh – chow down on some of their deli classics but you may also recognise the interior from a scene in When Harry Met Sally where Sally, errr….well you know she puts on a show by faking it…I’ll have what shes having.  





Katz’s menu caters to just about everyone with breakfast classics, soups, salads and various other sandwiches on offer as well as these huge, juicy pickles!  My order?  Do you even have to ask?  The pastrami reuben.  Just look at it!


Lashings of hand carved hot pastrami, smothered in swiss cheese, topped with a healthy handful of sauerkraut and Russian dressing, between two perfectly soft pieces of rye bread.  This isn’t just any sandwich, this is a Katz’s Deli sandwich.  

The pastrami is sweet, spicy and so so succulent it literally melts in your mouth.  The sauerkraut isn’t too acidic and the Russian dressing adds a bit more spice to the mix – all the elements blend together to make the most perfect sandwich.  I can definitely understand why Katz has such a huge cult following and if I lived nearby I’d probably be visiting every other week to the detriment of my waist line.

P1010300 P1010303 P1010307 P1010314

While its nice to visit posh restaurants in big cities, sometimes you get a more authentic experience if you spend a bit of time scoping out where the locals return to time after time.  The menu might not be cultivated by internationally renowned chefs or the interior designed by the latest architect, but you can’t argue with the taste of their hearty sandwiches.  If I had to mark them out of 5?  I’d give them 6.  


If you’re in New York, you’d be a fool not to head to Katz.

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Sometimes you’ve got to live the champagne lifestyle on lemonade wages.  

As a student, I have a limited budget, but every once in a while you’ve just got to treat yourself and the best way to treat yourself in my opinion?  Well, with food of course!  And when better to indulge yourself then when you’re staying with some old friends in London.

Usually I just treat myself by buying an extra snack (a mega Twix if anyones asking) alongside my weekly shop but this time we decided to pull out the big guns and head for a gastronomic experience in the skies at Duck & Waffle.

Duck & Waffle is located way above the ether on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower and is reached by a 24-second glass lift ride which I can hazard a guess would not be too fun on a raging hangover.



P1000853 P1000854




P1000886 P1000884

The first thing that will strike you about Duck & Waffle is of course, the view. With floor to ceiling windows which look out onto the city below, you can watch the world go by while sipping on cocktails at the bar or tucking into brunch in the restaurant.  While we were lucky enough to have booked a brunch sitting on a clear and sunny day, I’d love to come back at any time of year, in any type of weather to see how the light shifts and changes and since D&W is open 24 hours, you can wander along for a bit of midnight voyeurism if you can’t catch your 40 winks.  I’d personally love to witness some lightening and thunder while snacking on some pigs ears.


P1000827 P1000849

A bloody good Bloody Mary according to Natasha…



The gorgeous Cris…


and the wonderful Natasha

The second thing which will strike you about Duck & Waffle is the food.  The brunch menu is renowned for its classic dishes with a twist and while I was tempted by almost all of them, in the end I only had eyes for the restaurants namesake which was calling out to me to try.

Introducing the duck and waffle… 

While I must admit, that I was skeptical about the somewhat unconventional taste combination, but I was easily converted.  I think this is one of the tastiest dishes I’ve had the pleasure to eat in a very long time.  I nibbled my duck leg until it was bare of all its meat, lets put it that way.  The duck and waffle is the perfect mix between naughty and nice; a playful dish.

The confit duck leg manages to be both melt in the mouth and perfectly crisp, while the fried duck egg pops with a liquid gold yolk which seeps around the plate while the waffle provides a sweet and soft bed, waiting to be smothered in the mustard maple syrup.



P1000865 P1000866 P1000867

Ohhhh yeahhhhhh 

My esteemed company opted for the duck egg en cocottee which came with soldiers standing to attention and the sriracha spiced ox cheek benedict which I was rather jealous of.  

This is the kind of food which will momentarily silence you and your friends before you all end up bursting into action, insisting that everyone  ‘must try this’ before sharing forks laden with food.


P1000862 I also ordered some BBQ-Spiced crispy pigs ears which came in a wax sealed paper bag, oh how royal!  Pigs ears are a delicacy which is usually reserved for canines, but one we humans have seriously underestimated it seems!  I’ll be eyeing up Frankie and Jorgie’s treats next time I’m home then…

P1000876P1000875 While we had intended for the visit to be a one course affair, a group of girls are oh so easily coerced into ordering dessert when together and when the sweet menu was surreptitiously left on our table, our hard resolves made an audible crack.

Desserts ordered we waited for our dishes to arrive only to be greeted by this huge cheese board.  Alas, it wasn’t all for us as Natasha had ordered a board with three cheeses which she got to select with the help of a cheesy waiter.


The finished product…


While there is sometimes no better way to finish a meal than a cheese board, my sweet tooth had a hankering for some sugar, baby so Cris and I shared a vanilla baked Alaska while Jess went for a pistachio and dark chocolate macaroon sandwich.  I’d never had a baked Alaska before so this was a dinner of firsts, while it doesn’t beat a classic sticky toffee pudding for me, I’d probably order it again if/when I return to D&W.



Jess’ macaroon sandwich was envy inducing, I’d order all of the above if I were you!

The view at D&W is pretty spectacular – no one can deny that – but while I love a good view, it was the food I was really there for so I’m happy to confirm that the food is the main event here.  I am still thinking about my duck and waffle and would rather like an excuse to head back to the Heron for another taste of the good stuff.  The atmosphere of the restaurant and bar is buzzing with not a hint of pretentious snobbery, just a laid-back luxe vibe which resonates through the witty, cheeky and nouveau classic menu.

If you post any pictures of your trip on Instagram or Twitter, the lovely chefs, Dan Doherty and Tom Cenci will happily chat away with your about your experiences at their top-notch restaurant, a nice little touch which signals that D&W really cares about what their customers think.

If you’ve got something to celebrate, fancy a late night snack or just want to have a drink while joining the mile high club then I’d definitely recommend Duck & Waffle if you’ve got a head for heights.

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I have been waiting to visit Peace & Loaf ever since I arrived in Jesmond.

In one of my first weeks at Newcastle Uni I was sent off to interview, Dave Coulson, the restaurants head chef for JesmondLocal.  Coulson is not only a lovely man and a great first interview but was a finalist in Masterchef in 2010 meaning he has a pretty extensive and impressive foodie CV.  Since that interview, I’ve been itching to go and has since spent the last few months begrudgingly walking past the doors of P&L as I head to the gym.  A few times I’ve been tempted to run in for a secret meal on my own.   Who wouldn’t rather swap a sweaty gym session for a feast of mammoth and epic proportions?  Screw the bikini body.  

Finally, after months of waiting patiently (read: months of nagging) this weekend my dad conceded and we headed over to Jesmond Road for a little taste of heaven.

P1010107 P1010109 P1010113

Canapes galore!

Coulson is a bit of a maverick.  The menu at P&L is a bit of a mix between classic dishes deconstructed or with a bit of a twist.  It’s exciting, it’s certainly different and he does it bloody well. His signature dish on Masterchef was a deconstructed chicken pie which my dad and I were lucky enough to have the  opportunity to try in the form of a pre-meal canapé.  I would have definitely ordered this if it was on the menu (which changes regularly) so heres hoping that next time I visited, it is!

After umming and ahhing about what I was going to have I eventually chose the Scallop, Pea and Pie from the normal dinner menu and then the Pressed Pork Belly, Pork Rillette, Creamy Mash and Apple for my main from the Prix Fixe just to be awkward!

What strikes you first when you’re dish arrives is the arrangement.  The placement of every component has been thought out and it creates a bed of organised chaos where each ingredient gets its fair share of air time.

The meaty scallops were served with a generous amount of pea puree (don’t you just hate it when there isn’t enough puree – #FirstWorldProblems) while the pie was a little revelation in itself.  Beautifully soft pastry with just enough bite with a (presumably) sausage filling which complemented the scallop without overriding its flavour.  Ooo-errr.

P1010114My dad went for the Lamb Breast, Broccoli, Wild Leaks, Wensleydale and Black Olives.  Minus the Wensleydale.  The man doesn’t like cheese!  Yes, cheese!

The Holy Grail of all foods.  Madness, I tell you.  


Our meal – rather unexpectedly – came with an amuse bouche of beetroot and granola.  Now, I’m just going to say it straight, I wasn’t a fan of this, but this is most likely because I am a fan of neither of its components so I really can’t be a reliable judge.  You’ll just have to let me know what you think instead!


Next came the piggy main…

My pork was succulent, not dry at all and the pork belly had perfectly cooked crackling on top which wasn’t too thick or tough!  I’ve really got into mash at the minute and I’ve got into the habit of buying those microwave tubs that you can get from supermarkets with cheese on top, but of course this was a cut above those and was perfectly creamy.  My dad went for the slightly healthier option of Salmon with sea vegetables.  This is meant to come with garlic risotto but as my dad isn’t a fan of garlic (I KNOW!) he swapped the stodge for a side of broccoli.


While I wasn’t planning to get dessert, I can never quite say no to the offer of the dessert menu and since we were celebrating…well actually we weren’t celebrating anything but why not!  

I actually rather belatedly taught my dad the premise of ‘YOLO’ during the dinner, so perhaps this dessert can be put down to a Drake inspired yolo outburst in the form of massive calorie consumption. I’ll just blame Drake when my jeans don’t fit then, yeah?  Not my fault at all…


Behold, Newcastle’s most luxurious brownie!  Admired the world over! 


Peace & Loaf was great!  A relaxed atmosphere, aesthetically pleasing dishes and fantastic food with a bit of a twist at great value.  Coulson has definitely gained a fan and a foodie follower in me!

Maybe one day I will make a detour to P&L while I’m on my way to the gym, YOLO afterall…

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I love Borough market.

I can still remember the first time my dad took my brothers and I along to the market and we all bought huge oysters off one of the stalls (which is still there) to eat while wandering around taking in the smells and sounds of one of the cities most popular markets.  Since that first fishy experience, I’ve visited almost every time I’ve been back in London alone or with friends in tow.  I know there are countless other markets around the city,  but Borough’s location (stones throw away from the Tate, short walk away from the Southbank and easily accessible by the Northern Line) make it an easy choice for any central London food mission.  It also happens to be only a short walk away from the IPC Media offices in Southwark, making it the perfect location for a post-work dinner on the move.

Last week the Summer Evening Dining event started again, with the market opening from 7pm – 11pm from Wednesday through to Sunday until the end of September with various street food vans setting up camp for a summer long residency ready to feed the needs of London’s ravenous workers.  Now, you’re going to have to use your imagination here as I neglected to take any photos (sorrynotsorry).  Borough market is a plethora of stalls offering tasters of blue cheeses, selling salt beef sandwiches and tempting you with sumptuous brownies.  The smells of the surrounding area tease audible ‘mmm’s from those around, while stall owners charm drooling customers into parting with their well earned money in return for dishes from the world over.  On the edges of the market, business men with loosened ties drink in the summer sun while you busy yourself with making the hardest decision that day, weighing the pros and cons of each dish before plumping for both.  Are we all there yet?  

On this particular evening, I was able to bypass the decision making and fly straight over to B.o.B’s Lobster van on the edge of the market to pick up a lobster roll.  I’d heard of B.o.B’s Lobster through the grapevine and had read about their recent popup at St.Pauls and their various residency’s at the Street Feast events, so was fully prepared for the foodgasm that was ahead.  Now, if anyone mentions the word ‘lobster’, I’m automatically in, so it was a no brainer for me to head along to Borough where they were ready to satisfy hungry punters.

There repertoire is small but ever so perfectly formed with Ahu Tuna Tacos, Lobster Mac and Cheese and some Bisque all making the bill, but although I was tempted by the tuna tacos, I had to go for a classic lobster roll.

Just look at it in all it’s glory…


They see me rollin’, they hatin’

This was my first experience with a lobster roll so I can’t claim to be an expert but the brioche was sweet and so soft, it melted into the buttery lobster which was glorious.  The roll was sprinkled with a light dusting of chilli, with some fennel on top for good measure and served with a hugeee pickle.  Although the roll itself was £13 which is a little bit dear for street food there was enough lobster to just about warrant the price.

If you’re not a fan of lobster or anything else from under the sea, then there are loads of other stalls at Borough Market’s Summer Evening Dining nights so make your way over anyway to pick up some sweet and savoury treats before heading to a pub to drown your 9-5 sorrows!  If you’re not planning to head to the market anytime soon then you can experience the same kind of sea food lovin’ over the other side of the river at the Rising Sun pub where B.o.B’s is currently serving up food upstairs!

B.o.B’s Lobster 

Rising Sun

61 Carter Lane



Lobster in a bath 

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Shopping is hungry work.  

I’m of the school of people that believe that shopping is one of the best forms of cardio.  If you’re a keen shopper, you’ll know that sometimes you come home mentally and physically exhausted.  Especially if you’ve been jean shopping – trying on a load of jeans that don’t fit can leave any stone faced shopper with tears in their eyes.

Running around shop floors, throwing your clothes on and off in changing rooms and lugging around heavy bags full of your new wares is hard work and hard work always needs rewarding.  What better way to reward yourself then with food?  Food, glorious food! 

After a mammoth shopping spree on Oxford Street – I know my dad reads this, so dad I didn’t buy too much, I promise – Jess, Jess and I headed towards Carnaby Street in search of burgers.  No, that isn’t a typo, Jess and Jess are two of my friends from Guernsey who not only share the same name but also share their birthdays which is very convenient if you’re like me and often forget peoples birthdays!  After trying our luck at The Diner and being told there was a 45 minute wait, we searched on and ended up outside Flat Iron – after a detour through American Apparel, Benefit, Monki and just about every other shop on Carnaby…

I’d heard of Flat Iron before but rather naively thought it was burgers so we stepped inside thinking we’d be tasting brioche in no time, but of course, Flat Iron is steak.  Silly, silly me.


Flat Iron doesn’t take reservations but luckily when we arrived there was no wait and we were sat down on one of the shared tables in the small restaurant.

The menu is compact with one flat iron steak on offer served with a salad with a mustard dressing.  While there was a wagyu beef special on offer on the day, we opted for the menu steak as we’d spent out weekend splashing the cash in a rather high up restaurant (blog to follow soon…).  We also ordered some dripping cooked chips and the roast aubergine side to go along with our meat.





One day I will have personalised knives…


A perfectly medium rare flat iron


Not the best picture, I apologise!


Jess and Jess

The steak was absolutely beautiful and cooked to perfection.  Jess (the one on the left) ordered hers to come medium and there was a clear difference between that and my medium rare.  While I loved the steak, the revelation of the meal was definitely the aubergine bake.  It was so so tasty and I’d 100% recommend getting it to go with your meal if you’re heading to Flat Iron.  Jess (the one on the right) and I loved it so much that she whipped up her own version in the week as some after work sustenance and I’ve just made my own tonight using this recipe.  It is such a simple dish but just delicious and so cheap to make as well!  We headed out, revived and ready to face the wrath of our fellow Bank Holiday shoppers fuelled by meat! 

If you’re around the area and are looking for some good food to eat then I’d recommend Flat Iron.  The service was fast and the food on point and although I wouldn’t usually say that steak is a good shopping break meal, it worked on this occasion!

Where is your go-to restaurant when shopping on Oxford Street?

Flat Iron

17 Beak St



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