After having a rather nice long break at home, it was almost time to head back to Newcastle but not before I made a quick detour to London for a girls weekend.  

Our first stop was Inamo on Lower Regent Street for a spot of dinner and, as it turns out, a bit of a play.  

Inamo is an Oriental Fusion restaurant with a bit of a twist.  Nestled inbetween the bamboo canes and sliding doors, are glowing interactive tables.


I am attempting to give up Coke right now, I’m taking it one day at a time…


These snazzy looking tables double up as waitresses/waiters and menus, allowing patrons to order everything with just a swipe of a finger.  The novelty doesn’t stop just there, as you can also watch a chef prepare your dishes on Chef Cam and play a quick pre-dinner game of Battleships, as you do.  


Champagne cocktails all round 

Inamo’s menu is small but perfectly formed for those with a predisposition to sushi, sashimi and all things dim sum and  is perfect for sharing if you want to try a bit of everything!

After finishing off a game of Battleships, I ordered the Salmon Sashimi Plate, the Tuna Maki and some Duck Pancakes to share with Fiona.


Salmon Sashimi Plate and Tuna Maki


Tuna Maki


Duck Pancakes

The Tuna Maki was my favourite, while the Duck was silky smooth and came straight off the bone but next time I visit, I will definitely be ordering a few more plates, including some dim sum to fill me up.

After we’d licked our plates clean, there was no unneccessary awkwardness about paying the bills  as each seat has a separate bill meaning everyone paid for what they ordered and no one was left scraping the pennies.  Perfect!  

Inamo is great, but it’s probably one of those places you visit once then never return as we all had to admit, it is a bit gimmicky and perhaps a little overpriced.  Nonetheless, I really enjoyed my time there and had a great laugh with the ladies!


The Ladies 

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I have a confession.  I am irrevocably obsessed with Tumblr.

During my final year exams I found myself signing up for anything which would stem the boredom of revision.  Survey taker? Yeah!  Hard spin class?  Sign me up!  Tumblr…?  Um, okay then.  And thus, my newest love affair began.  Just call it the Kim to my Kanye.  

Scrolling through endless pictures of landscapes, interior designs and clothes, accessories and shoes which I can only aspire to own has quickly become my go-to past time and I often find myself burning the midnight oil refreshing my homepage.  Sad, I know.  

As the new University term is starting I should probably start weening myself off this stellar procrastination tool but I’m going to add some fuel to the fire by requesting your Tumblr’s!  Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie! 

P.S. The lovely Allie from Love From Misbehave! kindly named me the site’s ‘Blog of The Week’ and asked me to answer a few questions so if you want to look at what I said, click here.

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Henry Holland is one of my favourite British designers.   Not only did his collections spark a popular resurgence of bright catchphrase emblazoned t-shirts, but the designer has kept a close tie with the high street meaning everyone can own a bit of House of Holland.  He’s worked with highstreet giant Debenhems on his H! by Henry Holland collection, collab-ed with Pretty Polly tights, released a sunglasses line in conjunction with Le Specs and made dalliances into footwear with SuperGa.  There’s no stopping him.  Through reading his regular blog spot on, trawling through his Twitter and Instagram photos, I feel like I practically know him and this makes me love him more.  Best friends?  

House of Holland was among numerous labels this season who decided to stream their shows live on the internet!   You could catch a sneak peak through his own website and, allowing everyday you’s and me’s to experience instant fashion first hand!

HOH’s collections regularly cause a-buzz during London Fashion Week because of their infectious brightness, mix of prints and trademark tee’s, his clothes embody a girl who is endless fun and doesn’t take fashion too seriously.  Holland affectionately named his AW13 collection #RAVENANNA, (the best thing I’ve heard in a while) a term he penned after seeing young girls in the East End dress ‘like old ladies, wearing nighties and bovver boots’.   This term, coupled with his other two inspirations, Summer of Love ’89 and Disco Sally, had many predicting that oodles of psychedelic prints would be on the menu, and they were not wrong.  FROW-ers, Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw, Pixie Geldof, Jamie Winstone and Daisy Lowe were treated to an eclectic cocktail of martini glass printed denim and acid orange fur lined parkas (prepare to be warm), which models strutted down a retro 70s carpet catwalk while music was pumped loudly through the venue (The House of Holland invites were printed on cassettes to mirror Henry’s belief that fashion and music crossover).  Acid greens and crystal embellished evening wear (my personal favourite of the collection was the embellished purple gown) were strewn throughout the fun collection, however, silhouettes were ladylike creating a mix of the traditional and hedonistic.  Of course, a House of Holland show could not pass without one catchphrase emblazoned piece of clothing, so a singular ‘Viva La Vibe!’ sweatshirt carried on the labels tradition and made its way onto Twitter in nanoseconds, that along with tortoiseshell shoes and the statement sunnies on display.

These clothes have boundless amounts of energy, and perhaps aren’t suitable for the normal 9-5 office job, but for a cocktail hour with a difference…


New York Fashion Week is still underway and fashionista’s from all over the globe are battling near arctic conditions to attend some of the biggest events of the year.  As a non-attendee, the magic of social media has allowed me to view a constant stream of NYFW info, gossip and outfit choices.  Designers, bloggers, models and FROW participants now utilise both Twitter and Instagram to provide their followers with an insider’s peak into the events of their busy days and by watching my Instagram feed intently I’ve been able to feel like I’m there – well, almost.

There is still 3 more days of extravagant shows to be seen, so keep posted for a full roundup of my favourite shows, until then, enjoy these pictures!


It is not often that us mere mortals are allowed to see what happens behind the doors of one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, Chanel.

But following this week’s Midsummer Night’s Dream themed Haute Couture show in Paris’ Grand Palais, the general masses have been granted a VIP pass into Karl Lagerfeld’s legendary atelier on Rue Cambon to watch the making of a couture gown.  This video lets you in on the secret of what goes into making the intricate (and expensive) gowns which glided down the runway, whilst also giving you a sneak peak into the lavish affair.

An enchanted forest, Cara Delevingne and some very suspect black eye makeup all feature, what more could you want.  

If you enjoy this, (which you will), then make time in your busy schedule to watch the 2005 documentary mini series Signe Chanel,  which follows Karl and the ladies of his workshop in the run up to the Fall/Winter 2004-2005 Couture show.  It is not to be missed.



This American born designer was trained at Central Saint Martin’s in London and discovered in 2000.  During a 1996 internship at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Posen examined the work of the French designer Madeleine Vionnet.  Vionnet cut her dresses on a bias to highlight a woman’s curves, this is a technique which Posen evidently has carried over to his own work.

The 32 year old’s work is already a permanent feature in the legendary Victoria and Albert Museum in London and has been seen on a huge selection of celebrities, such as Natalie Portman, Claire Danes and Naomi Campbell.

Posen is one of many designers to start using Instagram to advertise their work.  His account has many pictures of whimsical gowns which every girl would love to see hanging in their wardrobe.  The rich fabrics, intricate detailing and signature nipped-in waist of Posen’s designs are fashion heaven.  These definitely aren’t dresses you’d wear to pick up some milk.  

Since following his Instagram his label has become my style crush, I can’t help but dream about wearing one of his beautiful gowns, while attending a lavish banquet.  Kate Middleton and I would discuss how she keeps her luscious locks so bouncy  and Prince Harry would be my cheeky chappy date.  Might as well do things properly.  

His designs are classic and daring at the time, perhaps why he has been quoted as saying ‘I don’t have a formula, except that I don’t believe in playing it safe.’

No red carpet is complete without a bit of Posen draped onto an effortlessly stylish celebrity.  I know who I will be calling up when I have been nominated for an Oscar…


So, as you can probably guess, my Instagram detox didn’t go so well, perhaps I will make it a New Years Resolution.  My obsession has grown, but also changed, in that I have become obsessed with Beyonce’s profile.  The music mogul has gone from fashion faux pas (Destiny’s Childs matching outfits) to style icon and her Instagram is a collection of pictures detailing her interesting outfits.  Here are a few of my favourites:


I love the delicate floral pattern of this Emma Cook Silk de Chine shirt and shorts coord combination with Beyonce’s topknot (A style she seems to love at the minute) 


The Baroque print on these jeans is interesting and snazzes up an otherwise bland monochrome outfit.  Her au natural make up makes her look fresh faced and low key.


I love this vintage style shirt, paired with the heavy gold jewellery.  Has she been borrowing some of Jay-Z’s chains? I think so.


This bomber jacket is bang on trend and is a very accessible look, every high street store is selling them, ASOS have a wide collection of fabulously patterned jackets.  Plus her legs look amazzzzing.  You would not guess that she gave birth at the beginning of the year.


Patterned peg trousers are also making the rounds and Beyonce is wearing them perfectly.  Heels and a simple top round off the outfit stylishly…not sure about the bunny ears though.


I love the pattern of this jumper/trouser combo.  Laid back, effortlessly stylish Beyonce has hit the right note again, as always.  

This is definitely one of the most stylish Insta accounts around and one I will be checking daily while listening to Single Ladies.