A long time ago now, three wise and sassy ladies made an almighty pilgrimage towards the bustling metropolis of London following the smell of bacon, cheese and brioche.  They swapped camels for the tube, sumptuous cloaks for jeans and battled heavy crowds to pay homage to a newly released burger.  Crowded around a table they stared at what was promised to be the saviour to their hunger.  After taking photos which were later destined to be Insta-hits, they lifted up the precious bundle and cooed in awe before taking a massive bite.

Ohhhh yes, me and my fellow burger fiends celebrated Cheesemas this year in the spirit of all things meaty.  If you’re not familiar with this new term, Byron Burger release a particularly cheesy burger every year with this years offering being the Holy Cheesemas with four different kinds of cheese – mature Cheddar, American, Monterey Jack and Red Leicester – as well as bacon, red onion, pickles and Cheesemas sauce.  Did I mention the two patties?  

 P1020209 P1020208Behold!

Now, I’m not going to lie to you, the Holy Cheesemas is not the best burger I have ever had the pleasure to eat, but it is pretty darn good.  The meat is cooked to a pink medium rare (unless you ask otherwise) and the bun maintains its integrity under the weight of the filling which is always good, but the patties could do with a more something, something, you know what I mean?  Well, I’m assuming you do anyway.

Aside from our burgers, we went all out and ordered chips, courgette fries and mac n’ cheese as well as two blue cheese dips to finish the cheese board of dairy goodness available.  I’m a big fan of courgette fries because I like to pretend to myself that they’re healthier than normal chips – they probably aren’t – and the Byron ones are pretty great as they aren’t too heavily battered.

P1020211 P1020212

We left Bryon with stomachs and hearts full, ready to spread the word of the burger gospel.

Rejoice!  Christmas may be gone, but Cheesemas is still here.

Is there anything better than diving into a plate of food, hands first and coming out with ketchup smeered on your cheek?    While I love going to restaurants where you’re presented with a plethora of cutlery and plates of food which could win the Turner prize, getting back to basics just feels so right.  For me, the messier the meal, the more I enjoy it so when I realised that there was a Dirty Burger shack in Vauxhall which is only a couple of stops away from my flat, I just had to go.  

P1020174After a day at work, the hunger was real, so we all decided to go for the special burg which not only had a pattie, but also had pulled pork, cheese, pickles and BBQ sauce slathered on it.  Are you dribbling yet…?  Because I am. 

Now, Dirty Burgers live up to their name and come hot, sweaty and juicy which doesn’t make for the most attractive of photos but believe me, this was special.  We all made noises which are usually relegated to the bedroom when unwrapping our meaty packages.


Crinkle chips and onion fries accompanied our feast


Look guys, I never said it was going to be pretty

So dirty it’s almost criminal, these burgers are undeniably great and the added bonus of pulled pork was a bit of a game changer in my eyes.  Their crinkle chips are crispy and airy, just how I like a thick chip while Rachel couldn’t stop raving about the onion fries which came with a heavy golden brown batter.  Dirty Burger have four locations over London (and 1 in America) so you’re never too far from getting your hands dirty.  Check out their website here and while you’re aimlessly surfing the tinternet in search of #burgerporn, how about checking about the website for Suitcase magazine which I’m interning at until the end of December here!

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Until recently I had barely ever travelled south of the river in London.  Soho was just about as adventorous as it got when I visited the capital, but now with friends planting their feet and considerable wardrobes all over the city, I’ve got more of an excuse to venture to new ground.  My first stop on this new journey was the last on the Victoria line: Brixton.

Brixton is a bit of a mish mash of everything.  Semi-recently adopted by young professionals and hipsters, the area has gone through an Instagram worthy regeneration.  The best part of this make over is without a doubt the famous Brixton Village where you can feast on food that has Londoners making the pilgrimage over the river.

While I was only staying for one night in the capitol, I managed to make two trips to the Village for dinner and brunch, so here it goes…

After finding out some very exciting news there was cause to celebrate, so Natasha, Cris, Jess and I headed over to the market where we settled to eating some Asian fare at Happy Dumpling.  Confused and a little bit tired, we all ended up over-ordering, a blessing in disguise which just meant loosening our belts and diving in to plates overflowing with noodles, deep fried prawns, spinach in a garlic sauce and prawn toast.

My two favourites?  The prawn lucky bags which I ordered packed a punch in the spice department while the spinach in garlic sauce would give anyone a Popeye moment.

P1010752 P1010750 P1010755

After heading back to their flat and falling asleep watching re-runs of the Rachel Zoe Project in bed with Jess, we awoke the next morning, craving eggs.  

We headed to Wild Caper, a deli I’d read about on The Londoner’s blog and one which boasted about its short but sweet brunch menu next to the free bread and oil samples (I ate three #sorrynotsorry).




While the eggs were perhaps left to poach for a smidgen too long, these eggs was egg-actly what we needed.  PUNNY.

If I learnt anything in New York, it was that brunch cannot be done properly without a Bloody Mary by ones side!  As a relative newbie to the Bloody Mary game, I can’t comment too much so I’ll just let you guys tell me whether WIld Caper do it right!


Rob and Margaret, this one is for you!

With bellies full, we wandered around the market picking up presents for our newly engaged friends, Sarah and Nick (!!!!) and window shopping where I saw these rather strapping lads larking around…


I do love a Panda in a monk strap…

After tearing ourselves away from our prospective (panda) princes, we headed into a shop where the most remarkable thing happened.  You see, I have an incredible knack for scaring kids.  I don’t know why, but they just don’t seem to like me.  I’ll wave, smile and make funny faces in an endeavour to make friends, but my eager attempts are usually met with disdain and sometimes even hysterical tears.  So when a little girl started chatting away excitedly to both Jess and I in one of the shops, we ended up staying for a half hour and playing make believe…it all got a little weird, so I’ll just leave you with this image of Jess and I engaging in a cowboy inspired photoshoot…

Wheres your favourite place to go in Brixton Village?


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Sometimes you’ve got to live the champagne lifestyle on lemonade wages.  

As a student, I have a limited budget, but every once in a while you’ve just got to treat yourself and the best way to treat yourself in my opinion?  Well, with food of course!  And when better to indulge yourself then when you’re staying with some old friends in London.

Usually I just treat myself by buying an extra snack (a mega Twix if anyones asking) alongside my weekly shop but this time we decided to pull out the big guns and head for a gastronomic experience in the skies at Duck & Waffle.

Duck & Waffle is located way above the ether on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower and is reached by a 24-second glass lift ride which I can hazard a guess would not be too fun on a raging hangover.



P1000853 P1000854




P1000886 P1000884

The first thing that will strike you about Duck & Waffle is of course, the view. With floor to ceiling windows which look out onto the city below, you can watch the world go by while sipping on cocktails at the bar or tucking into brunch in the restaurant.  While we were lucky enough to have booked a brunch sitting on a clear and sunny day, I’d love to come back at any time of year, in any type of weather to see how the light shifts and changes and since D&W is open 24 hours, you can wander along for a bit of midnight voyeurism if you can’t catch your 40 winks.  I’d personally love to witness some lightening and thunder while snacking on some pigs ears.


P1000827 P1000849

A bloody good Bloody Mary according to Natasha…



The gorgeous Cris…


and the wonderful Natasha

The second thing which will strike you about Duck & Waffle is the food.  The brunch menu is renowned for its classic dishes with a twist and while I was tempted by almost all of them, in the end I only had eyes for the restaurants namesake which was calling out to me to try.

Introducing the duck and waffle… 

While I must admit, that I was skeptical about the somewhat unconventional taste combination, but I was easily converted.  I think this is one of the tastiest dishes I’ve had the pleasure to eat in a very long time.  I nibbled my duck leg until it was bare of all its meat, lets put it that way.  The duck and waffle is the perfect mix between naughty and nice; a playful dish.

The confit duck leg manages to be both melt in the mouth and perfectly crisp, while the fried duck egg pops with a liquid gold yolk which seeps around the plate while the waffle provides a sweet and soft bed, waiting to be smothered in the mustard maple syrup.



P1000865 P1000866 P1000867

Ohhhh yeahhhhhh 

My esteemed company opted for the duck egg en cocottee which came with soldiers standing to attention and the sriracha spiced ox cheek benedict which I was rather jealous of.  

This is the kind of food which will momentarily silence you and your friends before you all end up bursting into action, insisting that everyone  ‘must try this’ before sharing forks laden with food.


P1000862 I also ordered some BBQ-Spiced crispy pigs ears which came in a wax sealed paper bag, oh how royal!  Pigs ears are a delicacy which is usually reserved for canines, but one we humans have seriously underestimated it seems!  I’ll be eyeing up Frankie and Jorgie’s treats next time I’m home then…

P1000876P1000875 While we had intended for the visit to be a one course affair, a group of girls are oh so easily coerced into ordering dessert when together and when the sweet menu was surreptitiously left on our table, our hard resolves made an audible crack.

Desserts ordered we waited for our dishes to arrive only to be greeted by this huge cheese board.  Alas, it wasn’t all for us as Natasha had ordered a board with three cheeses which she got to select with the help of a cheesy waiter.


The finished product…


While there is sometimes no better way to finish a meal than a cheese board, my sweet tooth had a hankering for some sugar, baby so Cris and I shared a vanilla baked Alaska while Jess went for a pistachio and dark chocolate macaroon sandwich.  I’d never had a baked Alaska before so this was a dinner of firsts, while it doesn’t beat a classic sticky toffee pudding for me, I’d probably order it again if/when I return to D&W.



Jess’ macaroon sandwich was envy inducing, I’d order all of the above if I were you!

The view at D&W is pretty spectacular – no one can deny that – but while I love a good view, it was the food I was really there for so I’m happy to confirm that the food is the main event here.  I am still thinking about my duck and waffle and would rather like an excuse to head back to the Heron for another taste of the good stuff.  The atmosphere of the restaurant and bar is buzzing with not a hint of pretentious snobbery, just a laid-back luxe vibe which resonates through the witty, cheeky and nouveau classic menu.

If you post any pictures of your trip on Instagram or Twitter, the lovely chefs, Dan Doherty and Tom Cenci will happily chat away with your about your experiences at their top-notch restaurant, a nice little touch which signals that D&W really cares about what their customers think.

If you’ve got something to celebrate, fancy a late night snack or just want to have a drink while joining the mile high club then I’d definitely recommend Duck & Waffle if you’ve got a head for heights.

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I love Borough market.

I can still remember the first time my dad took my brothers and I along to the market and we all bought huge oysters off one of the stalls (which is still there) to eat while wandering around taking in the smells and sounds of one of the cities most popular markets.  Since that first fishy experience, I’ve visited almost every time I’ve been back in London alone or with friends in tow.  I know there are countless other markets around the city,  but Borough’s location (stones throw away from the Tate, short walk away from the Southbank and easily accessible by the Northern Line) make it an easy choice for any central London food mission.  It also happens to be only a short walk away from the IPC Media offices in Southwark, making it the perfect location for a post-work dinner on the move.

Last week the Summer Evening Dining event started again, with the market opening from 7pm – 11pm from Wednesday through to Sunday until the end of September with various street food vans setting up camp for a summer long residency ready to feed the needs of London’s ravenous workers.  Now, you’re going to have to use your imagination here as I neglected to take any photos (sorrynotsorry).  Borough market is a plethora of stalls offering tasters of blue cheeses, selling salt beef sandwiches and tempting you with sumptuous brownies.  The smells of the surrounding area tease audible ‘mmm’s from those around, while stall owners charm drooling customers into parting with their well earned money in return for dishes from the world over.  On the edges of the market, business men with loosened ties drink in the summer sun while you busy yourself with making the hardest decision that day, weighing the pros and cons of each dish before plumping for both.  Are we all there yet?  

On this particular evening, I was able to bypass the decision making and fly straight over to B.o.B’s Lobster van on the edge of the market to pick up a lobster roll.  I’d heard of B.o.B’s Lobster through the grapevine and had read about their recent popup at St.Pauls and their various residency’s at the Street Feast events, so was fully prepared for the foodgasm that was ahead.  Now, if anyone mentions the word ‘lobster’, I’m automatically in, so it was a no brainer for me to head along to Borough where they were ready to satisfy hungry punters.

There repertoire is small but ever so perfectly formed with Ahu Tuna Tacos, Lobster Mac and Cheese and some Bisque all making the bill, but although I was tempted by the tuna tacos, I had to go for a classic lobster roll.

Just look at it in all it’s glory…


They see me rollin’, they hatin’

This was my first experience with a lobster roll so I can’t claim to be an expert but the brioche was sweet and so soft, it melted into the buttery lobster which was glorious.  The roll was sprinkled with a light dusting of chilli, with some fennel on top for good measure and served with a hugeee pickle.  Although the roll itself was £13 which is a little bit dear for street food there was enough lobster to just about warrant the price.

If you’re not a fan of lobster or anything else from under the sea, then there are loads of other stalls at Borough Market’s Summer Evening Dining nights so make your way over anyway to pick up some sweet and savoury treats before heading to a pub to drown your 9-5 sorrows!  If you’re not planning to head to the market anytime soon then you can experience the same kind of sea food lovin’ over the other side of the river at the Rising Sun pub where B.o.B’s is currently serving up food upstairs!

B.o.B’s Lobster 

Rising Sun

61 Carter Lane



Lobster in a bath 

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Shopping is hungry work.  

I’m of the school of people that believe that shopping is one of the best forms of cardio.  If you’re a keen shopper, you’ll know that sometimes you come home mentally and physically exhausted.  Especially if you’ve been jean shopping – trying on a load of jeans that don’t fit can leave any stone faced shopper with tears in their eyes.

Running around shop floors, throwing your clothes on and off in changing rooms and lugging around heavy bags full of your new wares is hard work and hard work always needs rewarding.  What better way to reward yourself then with food?  Food, glorious food! 

After a mammoth shopping spree on Oxford Street – I know my dad reads this, so dad I didn’t buy too much, I promise – Jess, Jess and I headed towards Carnaby Street in search of burgers.  No, that isn’t a typo, Jess and Jess are two of my friends from Guernsey who not only share the same name but also share their birthdays which is very convenient if you’re like me and often forget peoples birthdays!  After trying our luck at The Diner and being told there was a 45 minute wait, we searched on and ended up outside Flat Iron – after a detour through American Apparel, Benefit, Monki and just about every other shop on Carnaby…

I’d heard of Flat Iron before but rather naively thought it was burgers so we stepped inside thinking we’d be tasting brioche in no time, but of course, Flat Iron is steak.  Silly, silly me.


Flat Iron doesn’t take reservations but luckily when we arrived there was no wait and we were sat down on one of the shared tables in the small restaurant.

The menu is compact with one flat iron steak on offer served with a salad with a mustard dressing.  While there was a wagyu beef special on offer on the day, we opted for the menu steak as we’d spent out weekend splashing the cash in a rather high up restaurant (blog to follow soon…).  We also ordered some dripping cooked chips and the roast aubergine side to go along with our meat.





One day I will have personalised knives…


A perfectly medium rare flat iron


Not the best picture, I apologise!


Jess and Jess

The steak was absolutely beautiful and cooked to perfection.  Jess (the one on the left) ordered hers to come medium and there was a clear difference between that and my medium rare.  While I loved the steak, the revelation of the meal was definitely the aubergine bake.  It was so so tasty and I’d 100% recommend getting it to go with your meal if you’re heading to Flat Iron.  Jess (the one on the right) and I loved it so much that she whipped up her own version in the week as some after work sustenance and I’ve just made my own tonight using this recipe.  It is such a simple dish but just delicious and so cheap to make as well!  We headed out, revived and ready to face the wrath of our fellow Bank Holiday shoppers fuelled by meat! 

If you’re around the area and are looking for some good food to eat then I’d recommend Flat Iron.  The service was fast and the food on point and although I wouldn’t usually say that steak is a good shopping break meal, it worked on this occasion!

Where is your go-to restaurant when shopping on Oxford Street?

Flat Iron

17 Beak St



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I’ve just spent the last week in London doing a bit of work experience on the news and features desk of LOOK magazine and meeting up with some old friends.  My lovely Guernsey friends, Jess and Natasha, were kind enough to provide me with a place to stay in their flat in Brixton, an area of London which I’d never been to before but have a new love for after visiting Brixton market last night!

On the Bank Holiday Monday before I started at LOOK, I met up with my friend, Rachel for a bit of culture down at the Southbank centre.  Now, let me tell just make a little disclaimer.  I like modern art, I do.  I’m not about to go do a Billy Eichner, but as much as I do like it, sometimes I just don’t get it.  I’m sure some of you have been there, we’re staring at a canvas with a couple of blue lines on it and thinking ‘I could have done that’.  I know, I know, if you’re an artiste or an appreciator of modern art then you’re probably scripting a strongly worded comment right now and I’m sorry, please don’t hate me for it, educate me instead!

But this confusion is perhaps a sentiment which is reflected in Martin Creed’s retrospective at the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank – What’s The Point Of It?  A question that has reassured me that my recent outlook on art is perhaps more constructive.  Instead of feeling like everyone else is in on a joke that I just don’t get, I’ve started to look at things how I want to see them.  Making my own interpretation instead of relying on someone else to explain theirs.

Saying that, on the Monday, Rach and I made our way to the Hayward Gallery to have a peek at Martin Creed’s What’s the Point Of It? exhibition which we’d both heard so much about.  While there were a couple of ‘eh?’ moments – oh, come on, you know the ones – it was definitely the best art exhibition that I’d seen in a long time – perhaps ever…? 

What I really admired was that Creed wants you to interact with his art and this exhibition – sometimes humorously – reiterates the point that anything can be art – yes, even a scrunched up piece of paper.  As you take in the retrospective of Martin’s various works you meander around the gallery, moving from rooms with swooping neon lights to outside areas with risqué videos showing on large cinema screen.  If you’ve been, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and if you know me, you’ll know that this was one of my favourite parts of the exhibition.  If you’ve not been yet, it’s a screen showing a P-E-N-I-S.  Shhhh…


BUT the best thing about the Martin Creed exhibition and the reason that we went along was for work no.200 ‘half the air in a given space’ or a piece more commonly known as the balloon room.  It does what it says on the tin really.  A room full to the rafters of white balloons where its okay to regress back to childhood and run around freely, giggling as you go.


At first Rachel and I kept losing each other…where is she…?


Oh there she is! 


The light shifts and changes in the room depending on where you are and what other people are doing around you, something which I loved.  

Most of the time it was mesmerising…



…but sometimes it got a bit overwhelming…


but then we took some selfies and it was all okay again…


I would definitely recommend heading to the Hayward Gallery at the Southbank centre to see Martin Creed’s exhibition; it’s fun and even if you don’t enjoy the rest of it, you can run around in a room full of balloons for 15 minutes.  What more could you possibly ask for?  Well, maybe a ball pit, but lets hope that’ll be Creed’s next endeavour.

I’d recommend heading over at the weekend with a group of friends (or a date) so you can swing by the food fest or the Bleecker St. burger van (which I talked about here) and the Udderbelly for some drinks and food as well to make a proper day of it!  Pretending you’re an art critic can make you hungry!


This has been a bit of a long one so congrats if you got the whole way through!  Reward yourself with a biscuit, you most definitely deserve it! 

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On Sunday morning my friends and I woke up to a grey sky hanging over the London skyline.  Not allowing our rain drenched coats to dampen our spirits, we made our way towards the Southbank centre for the Easter Weekend food festival.



When visiting a food festival, there are a few rules to remember, first of all it’s important to not get overexcited.  Make at least one loop round all the stalls before deciding what you’re going to eat.  You’ll be sorely disappointed if you plump for the first stall selling a pulled pork burger when there are 10 others around the corner selling delicious melt-in-the-mouth salt beef sandwiches.  Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach either.  While we’d all love to be able to fit in one of everything, you’ll eventually get full, so be realistic!  If you’re anything like me, you will have researched which stalls were going to be attending and semi-decided before you’ve even got there – sad, I know.


So after leisurely making the rounds around the Southbank, I had my heart set on a burger from the Bleecker Street Van which is currently enjoying a residency on the riverbank opposite the skatepark.  I opted for a single cheeseburger (medium rare) with some angry fries.

The burger was absolutely delicious, with the cheese melted to perfection and the burger sauce tangy, while the bun could have been left to toast for a little bit longer I really could not fault this burger any further than that.  In fact, I wish I had gone for the double (I was trying to exercise some self-restraint)!  The angry fries were a revelation in themselves.  Cheesy, spicy, AND crispy; what more could you possibly want?!  I’m definitely going to be trying to recreate these at home with some Franks Hot Sauce!  My meal costs £9 which I thought was good value for the quality of the meat and tastiness of the food in general, so I would definitely head back (in fact, I did today when I visited the Hayward gallery – oops!) 





We all had a great time at the food fest and waddled our way over to the TATE Modern where we spent more time laughing and being giddy then we did appreciating any of the art (IS THAT KANYE WEST?!)!  

One day we’ll grow up…maybe…probably not though…

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You may not know it yet, but I am on a quest to find London’s best burger.  

Having already ventured to the city’s newest transatlantic imports, Five Guys and Shake Shack with Emily and Rachel who have been my two faithful companions in this taxing but necessary mission,  it was time for us to try something a little more homegrown.

Behold Patty & Bun!

The legend that is P&B began as a pop-up restaurant, with locations in Soho and Battersea helping them gain a cult-like following.  After giving it’s loyal followers the run around, P&B finally put it’s roots down on James Street, just behind Selfridges making it the perfect destination for a mid-day shopping break.

This foodie destination is no well kept secret on the artisan burger scene – yes, there is such a scene – so it was no surprise to me to see a queue of eager patrons waiting to be ushered inside the little red door when I arrived.  After a quick half hour wait, we were beckoned inside.  The decor in Patty & Bun is eclectic with recycled tables, classroom style chairs and kooky cardboard canvas art hanging on whitewash walls.  We were lucky enough to be protected by the one and only BURGERMAN while we ate!  To food coma and beyond!  


photo 1-6

After marvelling at the Dr Marten wearing Burgerman, we all took to the serious business of deciding what we were going to eat.  I like a menu which is compact, there are two reasons for this.  First of all, I am one of those annoying people who can never decide what she wants and I always end up going round the table and asking everyone else what they’re going to have before finally making a snap decision when the server arrives; so the smaller the menu, the less I worry.  And secondly, whenever I see a huge 20 page list of the food on offer I can’t help but think back to Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and question how can they cook all these meals from fresh so quick?! So when I saw that Patty & Bun’s menu only fit on one page and remembered their dedication to finding the best of British, I was ready to dive straight in to a meatalicious taste experience.

I went for the classic Ari Gold burger, while Emily, Rachel and James (Emily’s boyfriend who had joined us on our journey) decided on the Smokey Robinson burger.  Of course, a burger is nothing without a few sides, so we all decided to share two portions of Winger Winger Chicken Dinner wings and Rosemary Salt Chips.  Now that is what I call a meat feast.  



Unwrapping this package was like Christmas day all over again…

pandb noninstagram

Emily’s Smokey Robinson

photo 2-6

All the burgers are cooked to medium rare perfection so they arrive deliciously pink in the middle and so tasty that each one is the definition of that ever popular Instagram tag #foodporn.  Infact, the burgers are so tasty that I committed the food bloggers cardinal sin and forgot to take a photo, don’t hate me.

I was a little skeptical of the rosemary salt chips at first and although they’re not as good as Five Guys’ Cajun Salt version in my opinion, these babies are still worth a taste.  The wings however, are an absolute triumph.  The meat comes straight off the bone and the sauce makes them literally finger lickin’ good  order a portion, you will not regret it.

I’m going to go out on a whim here and say that Patty & Bun has just edged infront of Five Guys in the burger stakes – which are obviously quite high – because of the deliciousness of the pattie, the price of the food and of course, the heavenly chicken wings.

When it comes to Patty & Bun, you better believe the hype.  

Have you been before?  What did you think?

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